Sunday, October 15, 2006


Went to The Warden’s company picnic yesterday. It was about 30 miles out of town. Decent gig. Food could’ve been better, but the kids had fun, and it was a nice drive.


I spoke to Chuck after he got off of work on Friday night. It was a short call, but it was sure good to catch up after all these years. He said he had fallen on hard times there for a while, but that he was pulling himself up by the bootstraps. He said he’s been dating a woman for three or so years now and is very happy. I hope he gets himself out of that rut. The city he lives in is pretty rough. I checked on crime statistics and, for example, the murder rate is over four times the national average. Hopefully he’ll get outta there.

Friday night I sent his daughter an email (she’s on active duty in the CG).

Hello Paula:

You don't know me, but I think I might be an old friend of your mom and dad,Charles and Xxxx Xxxxxx. I got your email address from a friend of mine ,who is still on active duty, after doing a good bit of research.


I'll keep this short for now just in case you aren't the right Paula Xxxxxx. I'm fairly sure you are though.Please write back when you can, and let me know how your mom & dad are doing.I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,


I got an email back from her on Saturday:

Mr. ______

You have the right Paula Xxxxxx. This is so cool! :-) You knew my parents before I was even born. I’m 21 now and stationed at ______.

I would love to hear from you, so when you get a chance, please call my cell phone xxx-xxx-xxxx.

I called her today and had a nice chat with her. She was working, so I only got about 10 minutes to talk to her. I’m going to call her tomorrow afternoon. It’s weird, but I feel a bond with her and have been thinking of her often this weekend. Maybe it’s because her mom was monster pregnant with her when the four of us used to hang out…and we used to rub her belly and talk to the baby.


I just got done shoving KFC in my freakin’ pie hole so I’m not feeling particularly motivated to write or find groovy stuff for yous guys to view.


Oh…I want to change the name of my blog? Any ideas? I’m going to employ the services of Ms. Dawn to design it. She’s a good html coder and her rates start at a low, low $25. Email her for info.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout, karlos!

hmmm, new name.... I'm sure you'll think of something unique that suits you well!

Margaret said...


A play with words, as it doesn't always need to mean sex 'ya know.

Miss Cellania said...

The question is, why do you want to change your blog's name? What direction do you want to go with it? Do you want something simplere, or more memorable, or more bling-bling, or what?

The_Gator said...

hmmm intercourse sounds interesting.... you would get a lot more hits.

and i got brain is too fried....much like your KFC.... these early mornings are killing me.

Sudiegirl said...

Hmmm...I agree. Don't necessarily change the name, although if you do, it's gotta be something to do with San Antonio.

All of a sudden I'm thinking of that Far Side cartoon where a street vendor is trying to sell t-shirts saying, "I Kicked Santa Ana's Butt at the Alamo". Is that sad or what?

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Glad you found the daughter of your friends and that she was happy to hear from you. As you know, a lot of the people we knew (& their kids) when we were younger would be hard to get a hold of, most of them being in jail lol. Ney & I talked to one a few years back while trying to track down another and this guy was just really excited to hear that I had a car. It's sad but we laughed our asses off.

No said...

How about just "sex."