Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving Post

The other day I thought about doing some deep ol’ Thanksgiving post. Then I stopped thinking and thought a little more. My verdict? “Fuck it.”

Happy Thanksgiving to my old and new friends here in this blogosphere, to which I am drawn on a daily basis.


11/23 Was a great day for chicks!


Sheila said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too Karlos!

Happy Birthday Nay!

jules said...

Happy Thanksgiving kiddo.

Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey day!!!

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday! ...and Happy Turkey Day!

rlb3773 said...


Happy Thanksgiving Karlos!

Whistler71 said...

Happy Thanksgiving, fucker, lol. No really, have a wonderful day with your family!!

R. said...

My screen is dark on my computer so I can barely read anything on it. Do you know what I might do to fix this problem, is it a setting that may have gotten changed?

Hey thanks for the birthday wish!!! However I've been sitting by my mail box daily on delivery dates waiting for my blues cd's. ;)

Happy Turkey Day to you and family!!! And to the rest of you commenters!!!

Love ya dear!!!

Anonymous said...

yeeah Happy Thanksgiving!!!
mmm turkey!
and pie.
and stuffing.

Anonymous said...

I spent all day Thanksgiving in the airport...but it was totally worth it! :D

R. said...

Oh thank you for the birtday song. I wasn't able to see my screen very well the other day ago so I didn't see it but I'm borrowing my dead uncles computer till my gets fixed and I can see it now.

How was you Turkey Day?

(psst, should the above uncles be uncle's or uncles', give me the lesson again please. :))< < my smiley face had to much turkey and now has a double chin. ;)

Karlos said...

Belated happy Thanksgiving to all you fuckers. I’ve been offline pretty much all weekend.

Nay: I just knew I was gonna be late with your CDs, but they will come; trust me. I have enough music for a few of them. I’ll try to burn them today or tomorrow and get them in the mail to you.