Monday, November 27, 2006

What to Drink....

What to drink

Role PLaying (Rated R kiddos)

On a more serious note, this video stirred up a bit of controversy a while back. So much so that it got banned by You Tube after 6,000 hits. I had second thoughts about posting it, but think its message is on the mark, even if it is delivered a bit harshly.

It's by NYOIL. It's a little rap diddy called “Y’all Should All Get Lynched.” As I said, its delivery may not be for everyone, but the core of the message applies to many: Stop perpetuating stereotypes. Advance and improve yourself; don't settle for the status quo for your "group," whatever it may be. That’s what I get out of it anyway….I think it’s a good message. It'll make ya think.

Remember, I'm just the messenger so find someone else to shoot.

If you don't have broadband, start downloading now and you may be done by this time tomorrow: Rated R


Today is the last day of my five-day weekend. Back to the grind now. On the bright side(?) of things, I'm traveling on business to South Dakota the third week of December. Wonder if I should bring shorts.


Well, well, well; look what my scanner found today. This was at an unknown park in AZ in 1983 or so I'd guess. Any guesses as to who it is?


Margaret said...

When I click the link it says, "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request."

It's a red tape conspiracy ain't it?

The_Gator said...

damn i wanted to watch that one. I watched the second one first. and dammmmmmmmmmmnnnnnn lol very funny.
South Dakota in December? OUCH! yea shorts will suffice.

Anonymous said...

No shorts!!!
I win, I win, It's Ney!
What did I win, I forgot to ask.
Have fun & be safe on your trip.

Anonymous said...

dammit, I only watched 1/2 the video because I'm at work and moaning coming from my office wouldn't be good. ;)

Karlos said...

Margie: The vid should be working now. Danged red tapers!

Gator: Ditto…Should be working.

Bunny&Early: What did you win? A visit? I may be out in your neck of the woods on business sometime next year. I’ll let ya know! Not that I’m inviting myself or anything :-)

WebMiz: Hope you didn’t scar any little old ladies!

No said...

Two questions:

1. Who is Ney?

2. Where in South Dakota?

( shorts)

Anonymous said...

If it's a visit from you I'd say we won big time!

jules said...

Okay I needed the laugh...thanks!