Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry December 26th

Ah, the day after Christmas is great. You know what’s so great about it? I didn’t have to fucking work. What’s more, I don’t have to go back to work until the 2nd of December January (Thanks Jules!). Woo fucking hoo!

The picture at left is our house during "Movie Night" last night. If you haven't seen "Little Miss Sunshine," I highly recommend it.

I got a DVD burner for Christmas. Not a computer DVD burner, but a DVD burner that hooks up to the cable box, VCR, DVR, etc. I was playing with it today and had a good bit of fun. Tomorrow I’ll be going out to buy some S video and composite video cables to get a little more quality out of the recordings.


As I started my entry today, I heard a Vonage commercial in the living room. It was one of my favorites; a blond bimbo at the beach sees shark fins circling in the water, “Look, dolphins!” and runs excitedly toward the water. She gets about half way there when a Vonage box smacks her in the back of the head. When she comes to, she picks up where she left off, “Look, dolphins!” and runs for the surf. Then the commercial ends.

Because I think the commercial is fucking hilarious (and maybe because the blond is super fine), I decided to Google for the commercial. Scrunched in between all the search results, I saw a rather interesting link. The link leads to a petition entitled, “The Degrading of Women in Commercials.”

The opening “opinion” reads like this:
I strongly believe the FCC needs stricter regulations on commercials and their portrayal of women.

The very idea that the Vonage commercial degrades women is laughable and without merit. If anyone should be offended and feel degraded, it should be stupid people; or even heavy sleepers (because the guy she was with never woke up). Furthermore, I call on sharks everywhere to strike up a petition on the grounds that it is offensive to think that their pointy dorsal fins bear any resemblance to the less pointy mammalian dorsal fins of the common bottlenose dolphin!

Here’s the commercial. Judge for yourself.

And here’s the link for your viewing pleasure.

Oh…and the chick’s name is Linda O’Neil. She bills herself as the “World’s Sexiest Brunette.” I think she’s hotter as a blond incidentally.


Anonymous said...

Let's see...she's a pinup girl who thinks commercials are degrading? Hmmmm. Oh, and if you're off until DECEMBER 2nd, you're late as hell my friend. Too many drinks?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful decoration! I'm glad you got your DVD burner for Xmas. We know how generous you are and we can't wait for our new movies lol. You musta been a good boy this year!
I love that commercial and I like the ones about the caveman (it's so easy a cave man could do it) too.

sudiegirl said...

Hey man - I did absolutely nothing for Xmas except eat chinese food and clean the bathroom.

Yeah - way to celebrate the "birth of our savior Jesus Christ", eh? Oh well...the fumes were good.

Happy New Year - don't be a stranger!

Anonymous said...

only one person has signed that petition...lmao!

I'm sure as hell not signing it...I love laughing at stupid people!!