Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

You’ll be pleased to know that I survived Friday’s party. At its peak, I’d say there were 150 people there. There was a DJ there most of the night who served as our music slave. The Warden was in charge of raffling off door prizes, which was fun. I videotaped the winners. The Girl and her boyfriend won, and no it wasn’t fixed!

We got home around 3:30am. My biological alarm clock went off at 5:30am, which is normal for a weekend; a normal weekend. I got up and started to make coffee, then realized I’d just gone to bed two hours ago. “Fuck this,” I muttered as I turned off the water and walked to the futon in the game room to lie down and let the news put me back to sleep. I woke up next at 10:45am.


Tonight some in-laws are coming over. The Warden is fixin’ snackies as I type. Oh, earlier I walked into the bedroom and caught her wrapping a CD. I asked her who it was for, and she replied, “Me.” She’d been planning to pick it up from under the tree and play us all: “Oh. I wonder who this is from.” Silly woman.

As for The Warden’s gift…I got her a diamond necklace and $200 worth of Visa gift cards (cuz I generally suck at picking out gifts.

The Boy is getting an Apple computer. I picked it up two weeks ago. It’s a combination Christmas/Birthday/Graduation present since it cost about $2,400.

The Girl is getting some girlie stuff and some accessories for the cell phone she’s been scarcely able to use (grades) since school started.

And me? I have no idea. Probably a lump of coal.

We’ll have a fire in the fireplace tonight, thanks to a perfectly timed cold front moving through.


Merry Christmas to all my blog buddies and old friends across the miles. I hope you all get everything you want from Santa. And if any of you girls happen to be on Santa’s naughty list, give me a ring ;-)

Bourbon is on the menu tonight!



The_Gator said...

lol Merry Christmas to you too Karlos.

What did you buy yourself?

Anonymous said...

You KNOW I'm on the naughty list. Love ya sweetie...have a Merry Christmas.

Sheila said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Karlos!

rlb3773 said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

i hope you got something great, karlos!

and $2,400? damn!! i think I paid about $300 for my no, it's not an Apple and $2,400 is the reason why!! :D

Margaret said...

Merry Christmas Karlos! Gosh, I sure hope we can land a Babysitter next weekend so we can have a fun night like that!

Oh shucks, forgot - New Year's Eve is on Sunday and it is illegal to serve or sell alcohol on Sundays here in Georgia. Bummer. =O(