Monday, January 08, 2007

Skool Daze

So there I was, working diligently at my computer.

The Warden rounded the rice paper partition: “You’re supposed to be studying, not listening to music. And your drinking?!” We both erupted into laughter.

Yeah…I’m back at school. Tonight is my first night of two online courses. I got three out of four assignments completed, even with the whisky and music. :-P


Blog update: Companies that Suck


I scanned a few pictures on Sunday. Don't worry Nay...I didn't get to more of yours....yet ;-)

Here are a few from back in the late 70s/early 80s when I was really getting into photography. There are more, but these are the ones that showed up first.

Me taking a picture of myself and Tim in the hubcap
of his old Impala
(I had long hair back then!)

Paradise Cove, Malibu, California

An old girlfriend

A wasp on a power line dining on a fly


The_Gator said...

Maybe The wasp isnt feasting on the fly...Maybe what is really going on is more of a bedroom nature....and you are now a porno photographer.

Thus having mated succesfully they created a more obnoxius version of the fly that walks all over you and then stings the hell out of you.

Ive taken a few online classes.....i really do prefer sitting on my ass listening to a lecture than not having it and having to read than 40 page chapter.

Margaret said...

Hows the hand? You should be able to shampoo your head about now without that stinging sensation.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. And congrats on going back to school. By the's a bitch! I'm still telling myself it's worth it.

Sheila said...

Great pictures!

So what classes are you taking?

Anonymous said...

what a sweet looking little kitty!

Dawn (webmiztris) said...

what a sweet looking little kitty!

Dawn (webmiztris) said...

argh! sorry -- PJ was me...I'm always working on someone's template!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch. How are the fingers? You want us to believe you laid the iron on top of your hand for that long without noticing, and you weren't stoned!
Nice pics, I like the black and white kitty one.

Karlos said...

Gator: Insect porn! Dude…you’re a fucking genius! I like the online classes too. I just need to figure out a way to tell everyone in the house to leave me the fuck alone when I’m working!

Margie: Hand is better. When you posted your comment the hot water was still bothering me. It’s OK now…just scabbing over and looking grody now. Thanks for asking :-)

Jules: Thanks Jules! Yes, it is a bitch. It isn’t hard yet, just VERY BORING material.

Sheila: Thanks! I’m taking two classes: Fundamentals of eBusiness, and Introduction to Computers and Information Systems. The CIS class is way, way dull. Not to sound arrogant or anything, but I know a LOT about computers, so I have to wade through a ton of bullshit I already know, to find the few things I don’t know and might be tested on. Zzzzzzz…

Dawn: I forgive you, even though I was briefly excited that I had a new visitor and was brutally let down that it was you…but then excited that it was you again! See what an emotional rollercoaster you put me through!? ;-)

Bunny-Early The fingers are okay. Itchy and scabby now. A little sensitive, but tolerable. The funny thing about the burn was that the fucking iron wasn’t on my hand for that long. It was just set on high, and was very hot. Thanks for the compliment on the kitty.

Anonymous said...

Those are cool pics - that cat is gorgeous. I just wanna hug it and hug it. Was that your kitty, or someone else's?

Congrats on school as well, although I have to agree with Jules - it can be a bitch, both mentally and financially. I am not brave enough to do it...haven't done the school thing since college in the early '90s.

Miss ya, bud - hope you come by again sometime!