Saturday, January 13, 2007

Search Me

Peace all. Nothing much of note going on here this weekend except for rain and some plumbing problems (mine), the latter of which serves to remind me that I am not, as I used to believe (as we all used to believe) immortal.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it’ll be snowing, sleeting and/or “wintry mixing” as our weatherdunces like to say. It’ll be a good prep for my trip up into the Dakotas the following week. Brrrrr…
Got a perfect score on my first assignment. Now on to take a test.


I’ve noticed something over the last few months of checking my hit meter: a lot of people are really, really interested in the ingredients in Bacos. Unfortunately, because I have the free version of the hit meter, it only shows the 20 most recent searches that sent people to my blog. Just for the hell of it, here are the last twenty. Vonage wins this time around, but bacos ingredients reign overall:

bacos ingredients
bacos ingredients

who is the women in the vonage commercial
vonage shark commercial
vonage commercial girl linda o'neil
vonage shark commercial

deadeye pheasant
deadeye pheasant
What the hell is a deadeye pheasant?

"aka my wiener"
"aka my wiener"
All right, which one of you is searcing for my wiener?

alamo city select baseball
"sexual adventures" blog
starbucks ingredients allergic
bama chicks
my lovely bride the warden
blood test with bourbon marinade
tara connor bar pictures
borracho beans
"stepney street" inglewood
Centinella Park Family

44 2.62% funny
30 1.79% bacos
29 1.73% kids
28 1.67% motobike
28 1.67% vonage
27 1.61% ingredients
26 1.55% captain
26 1.55% gus
22 1.31% the
20 1.19% alamo


R. said...


rlb3773 said...
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rlb3773 said...

Awwww hell I admit it! I am the one that has been searching for your wiener!

rlb3773 said...

The deleted comment is mine. I mispelled wiener.... like the weeener that I am!

Sheila said...

Ok I had to google bacos ingredients and there you were lol.

Congrats on your good grade. I'm sure you will ace the test.

We've got the wintry mix here already. Roads are slick as shit and its colder than a witch's tit! Get ready.

Anonymous said...

most of my google hits are for "sister-in-law sex"...

What the FUCK is that all about????

Anonymous said...

I've missed something somewhere. What the hell are bacos? And I NEVER call it a wiener. Never.

Anonymous said...

I've missed something somewhere. What the hell are bacos? And I NEVER call it a wiener. Never.

The_Gator said...

Well we got some snow.....but its 12:38 Am here in the desert and im thinking about going ice skating on my pool.....well nvm that idea the ice cracked when i pushed down REALLY REALLY HARD!. DAMN IT! I wanted to walk on water like J.C.

We got some snow here as was really nice.

Karlos said...

Nay: Hello yourself blondie! I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to my dear. Aside from freezing your tail off, that is.

RLB: I am honored and relieved that it was you searching for my wiener, and not the likes of Ernest Borgnine, Donald Trump or Mike Tyson. I can easily overlook the fact that you misspelled “wiener” because your quest was pure. My wiener would like to thank you for your attention, and wanted me to express his gratitude that such a nice looking woman would be searching for him, sight-unseen. My wiener would also like to thank his “owner” without whom none of this would have been possible ;-)

Sheila: Yeah, ain’t that a fuckin’ hoot?! If I ever start my “e-business,” Bacos ingredients are going to be built into it to attract more visitors! Cold weather hit sometime last night. High today is supposed to be 35 or so; not nearly as icy as it is up in your neck of the woods, but cold nonetheless! Stay warm :-)

Dawn: Sure as shit…there you are. #4 on the Google results! Fuckin’ hilarious! I also noticed that I’m on a couple of Wikipedia pages for links to advertising slogans “manhandlers.” I’ll post about that later!

Jules: What? You’ve never had Bacos? I’ll post about it post haste! And somehow, I can’t imagine you calling it a wiener :-)

Gator: Pool skating? No way. It froze that hard? Shit. A long time ago a roommate and I used to swear we were going to go ice skating on the cranberry bogs around our place in Massachusetts. They flood them at the beginning of every winter (the plants survive) and they freeze pretty solid; everyone and their mother skates on them. It’s a really nice sight.