Sunday, February 25, 2007

I See Grass

We went to a friend’s wife’s birthday party last night. Birthday girl had more than a few drinkies; like to the tune of four bottles of wine and some whisky (which was the straw that broke the camel’s back). We had a lot of fun; birthday girl was very funny last night.

At one point she got up to go to the bathroom and kinda did a slow motion fall to the ground. She lay face down, her right cheek planted firmly in the thick grass. As her husband and I arrived on scene to render aid, she opened her eyes and said in a slow, baby/drunk-like voice, “I see grass.”

We laughed our asses off, then carted her off to the bathroom. When The Warden and I left, she was snoozing comfortably on the living room floor, flat as a pancake, and equally coherent. ;-)

Has anyone besides Y and RLB had problems posting comments here?

Southern California, 1970

My neighbor friend and I used to go to the beach a lot back in the day. On the way home, we either went to Safeway and lifted Hershey bars, or we’d hang out in front of a Rexall drug store and perpetrate a little scam:

“Mister, can I borrow ten cents so I can call my mom to pick us up?”
“Sure son, here ya go.”

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Eventually we had enough to go into the drug store and buy sodas and candy or Hostess fruit pies.

One day, after collecting our bounty, we went into the drug store and bought the usual stuff. Unfortunately for us, the last guy we asked for a dime was at the checkout too. “Need a dime to call your mom huh?” We dropped our stuff and hauled ass.

Them was the days when chillen had a little respect for authority.

Delaware Bay Slushy, 1986, following a wicked snow storm


Webmiztris said...

no problems commenting here!

I liked your little scheme. LOL! your downfall was asking them for money or their way INTO the store. if you'd only bother the people coming out, you'd never run into any of them inside... ;)

R. said...

Hey Mr. Panhandler, I think we use to use that excuse too.

I do have an MP3 so I'll be looking for my b-day gift in the mail. Thanks love!!!

Arlene said...

Birthday girl sounds hilarious, and that slushy picture is awesome!!

Sheila said...

Lol on birthday girl. Poor thing the next day though!

Your way to get money sounds a lot easier than what I had to do back in the day for spending cash - which was hoe cotton for .25/hr. Can you believe that? lol

Boobless Brigade Master said...

This is what I just figured out yesterday...thanks to the new Beta crap...

If I'm reading through blogs and simply try to comment...won't allow me.

If I sign on to blogger and minimize and then read through blogs and comment...perfectly acceptable.

Until yesterday...I'd given up on commenting.
Guess who's back??!?

jules said...

So you're a scam artist huh? I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Karlos said...

That’s the weirdest thing….I wrote a response to WebMiz, Nay, Arlene and Sheila and now it’s gone…I wonder if I posted it on someone else’s blog! Here goes again…

WebMiz: I’m sure it was just one deviation from our M.O. that got us pinched. You know…caught up in the fog of deceit.

NayNay: Ahh…so you used to do that too? Great minds think alike! Your Bday gift will be on its way soon…got some school going on, but you’ll get it…promise!

Arlene: She was hilarious. A freakin’ riot! The slushy bay was awesome. It sounded even awesomer ;-) Made me wish I had a tanker truck full of lime syrup to pour in it and a big straw.

Sheila: So you were a cotton ho? And for only .25? Where were you when I was growing up!? ;-)

BBM: You might’ve solved the mystery of the month. I’ll pass it on to Y and others who have been having problems. Welcome back, by the way. Hope all is well.

Jules: Aw shucks. You’re one bitchin’ chick. :-)