Thursday, February 22, 2007


Wondering where some of my blogger buddies have gone.

Nay don’t blog and she don’t answer no danged phone neither. I can’t help but wonder if she finally found the midget of her dreams and eloped on a romantic Mauritanian honeymoon.

Whistler vanished after the horrible thing that neighbor dog did to her buddy Dumas (Still pisses me off). I hope she ain’t sittin’ in the NM State Pen for murdering neighbor doggy’s owners.

RLB? Well, she’s knee deep in chorizo and love, so I can kinda understand her scarcity, but I can’t help but wonder if she really does dislike us South/Central Texans.

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

Sarah Silverman is the shit. She is so politically incorrect, so foul, and so irreverent that I can’t help but be in love with her. A lot of people despise her and claim she’s a racist, bigot, and insensitive (She’s Jewish and uses the Holocaust in her routines). Here’s a particularly politically incorrect video of her. She reminds me of an aunt from long ago in this vid. The volume is kinda low, so turn it up a little.

Dawn, you must learn this.

Well, I didn’t really meet her, but I somehow stumbled on her blog and I like it so far. Her name is Arlene. Pay her a visit.

Her blog had a post in which she mentioned that she was eating Cheerios because “I’m a baby still.” That tickled me, and I mentioned as much in her comments. The Warden (That’s my wife Arlene) eats Cheerios and a lot of cereal in general. The other day she said she was going to have cereal in lieu of dinner. I told her that was “because you’re a baby still.”

We both got a good laugh out of it, and it’s made for more fun and laughs around the house. Thanks Arlene!

Did ya ever play around the house and pretend the floor area was an ocean? I did. Rugs and furniture and anything else that wasn’t floor was an island, rock, etc. My sister and I used to bring a bike in the house and flip it on its back. The front wheel served as the wheel to the ship. Turning the pedals powered the ship. It was great fun.

When I was seven years old and living in Southern California, I used to rock to various music, including the Stones, the Beatles, Blues, Jazz, classical, Latin, etc. I used to put albums on and throw a concert (or wang dang doodle for you blues aficionados) for my imaginary and sisters and mom. Here are a couple of old Ray Charles songs I used to belt out:

Kiss me Baby
Hallelujah I love her so

No really, it does. Donkey, elephant and blue whale. Here are some funny pictures a friend sent me.


The_Gator said...

HAHAHA Those math problems were regards to the first one.....the object wouldnt stop because the ramp is frictionless therefore nothing is slowing it everytime it hits the spring....etc... lol...however i think an 8th grader could figure that one out.

they were all funny....Find X....hahaha here it is.... man i wish i had done that when i was taking math classes.

very funny i think im gonna have to show them to the science teacher i work with.

R. said...


I won't talk to you till I get my really late b-day cd's. ;)

jules said...

SOME of us still love you. Don't know for sure which of us it is, but some of us still do. ;)

Sudiegirl said...

I are right here, pally

Arlene said...

Math is seriously horrible!!!!

I never played ocean, but my kids do :-) The beds are typically their boats :-)

Webmiztris said...

omg, that song was great! wonder if I can find a guitar tab for

david santos said...

Good Weekend.
Thank you

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

I know what you mean, we miss the gang too. Where's Truly Evil 2 !?! This can't happen : {
I talked to Snotty Little Miss Big Boobs a couple weeks ago, still snotty as ever.

Truly Evil 2 said...

I'm still here!

Margaret said...


"bring a bike in the house and flip it on its back. The front wheel served as the wheel to the ship. Turning the pedals powered the ship."

Our daughter has been doing exactly this and playing "Pirates" on our living room floor. We even had to print her out a Skull & bones flag to fly!!

No kidding, this has been a serious everyday play time thing for the past week!

Karlos said...

Gator: Yeah…they gave me a pretty good chuckle too! Hope your coworker likes ‘em.

Nay: Touché love! I actually have all the music organized, but I can’t get the damned thing to burn right on either of my two burners. The music plays up until I get to around track 15 then it takes a big ol’ shit and starts skipping. Do you have an MP3 player? Can your car stereo play MP3s? Cuz I can send you a CD with MP3s on it if you want. Say the word, You’re the birthday girl!

Jules: You’re a card Jules. Right when I felt all mushy and special inside you went and rained on my parade. :-)

Sudie: I know ya are.

Arlene: You missed out on a lot of fun! Ocean was awesome! Hmmm..maybe it was ‘cause I was always the captain. I’ll have to query my sister and see how she liked being first mate.

WebMiz: I just knew you’d like that song!!! I’ll see if I can find the tab for it. You must learn it!

David: Thank you. Good weekend to you too!

Bunny & Early: I’m glad you can post comments now! I think I’m gonna give up on phoning Little Miss Big Boobs. I’ll try again after I get her Birthday present to her. lol…Snotty Little Miss Big Boobs. That so cracks me up! Nay: Don’t be so snotty to your friends ;-)

Truly Evil 2: Holy shit…I can’t remember the last time I saw you around these parts. I’m sorry I didn’t list you as one of the missing, but I’m glad you showed up. Don’t be such a stranger! :-)

Margie: That’s such a trip!!! Very cool of you to print a flag for them. I don’t recall any of our accessories just now, but if I do remember any I’ll be sure to let you know so your kiddies can add some new, old-school dimensions to their cruises!