Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines & Racists

Happy Valentine’s Day. Am I the only one on the face of the planet who hasn’t been brainwashed by the corporate machine into thinking that I simply must do or buy something romantic today? The novelty wore off some time after sixth grade. That isn’t to say that I didn’t join the ranks of automatons every now and then to purchase something for someone who might not share my sentiments on the “holiday.” But today I am officially retired. Fortunately, The Warden feels the same way about it. ;-)


I found one of those meme’s on someone’s page the other day and thought I’d take a stab at it. You can find it here. I don’t pass them on to people, but have at it if you feel inclined. I was simply bored.


I was watching The Colbert Report the other day. Debra Dickerson was one of his guests. She wrote a book called “The End of Blackness.” She contends that Barak Obama is not black, in a social and political sense, because he is not the descendant of slaves.

The fact that she is a black woman (double minority) perpetuating racial divisiveness by proclaiming her hair-splitting prejudice against someone (a fellow black) whose ancestors aren’t slaves is laughable. What a moron!

Why stop there Ms. Dickerson? Why not divide “true” slaves into white collar and blue collar classes? If we got that stupid, would that mean that a black whose ancestors served well-to-do whites in big comfy mansions would be less black than those who toiled in the cotton fields of the South? I mean, serving meals, cleaning houses, or driving buggies ain’t hardly suffering now is it?

Anyway…that’s my rant. Colbert was brilliant in his skewering of her. Here’s a clip.


I keep getting these fucking things in the mail. Exactly who John K is, I don’t know but I do know that sites like this are no good. Many ask for the user names and passwords of your other email accounts/ISPs, like Yahoo, etc. Here’s a short list of shit I steer clear of:


You should too


Webmiztris said...

I've never heard of that's like MySpace of Friendster or something? to hell with that. I saw that chick on Colbert and I thought she sounded like a retard too. he IS black and THAT'S OK!!

Margaret said...

Love the new look. Happy Valentines Day for whatever it's worth. I'm just baking a favorite. Strawberry shortcake with our daughter for the day. No candy or card or flowers. Just something simple.

Jon asked what he should get and I told him nothing. He seemed disappointed as if he'll get reamed for bringing nothing and this was some sort of a trick answer or test of some sort.

Truth have it, I'd be overjoyed even if he only offered to do the dishes for me tonight. =O)

The_Gator said...

HAHAHA i watched that episode too... THat woman is a psycho...lets rewind the tape of slavery and just enslave em all so we don't have to listen to that bull shit. I thought the idea was to better the black people. Cut down the barriers, eliminate prejudice and racism....but no this bitch has to start saying...oh that black guy aint black coz he aint been shot 9 times but a bitch aint one...blah blah blah slavery blah blah blah SHUT THE FUCK UP!

lol anyways....time to go finish reading your post.

The_Gator said...

To Miss Dickerson:

If no one had done the research on Obamas blackness you too would have voted for him. So if you do not for for Obama because he is not black wouldn't that also make you a racist?

Oh wait black people can not be racist. Only white people are racist.

Sudiegirl said...

What webmiztris said.

Actually, many of us are mixed bag as far as heritage goes. How does she know she's "pure"?

Furthermore, isn't this where eugenics starts to rear it's head? annoying.

I WUV WUV WUV your new template.

Sending you love and Bacos, my friend.

Happy day after valentines day and more days before president's day.

sudiegirl said...

Hey - man...if the link in today's blog entry doesn't take you to Ed H's place, try clicking on the "Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy" link in my blogroll.

If that doesn't work, I'll figure out something else.

jules said...

Your little bloody guy scares me. Did you enjoy the pole dance?

Arlene said...

I kept getting that Tag thing too...just kept deleting it. Apparently an old friend still had me in their address book...strange stuff!

Margaret said...

Back again. Sure beats what Rush said about Obama. "Halfican American".

I can't believe Rush was nominated for the '07 Nobel Peace Prize.

Bunny ~n~ Early said...

Good for you and the Warden, Early and I didn't exchange Valentines gifts either. We do nice things for each other all year, love is not something you can buy once a year on Feb 14th.

I knew that some black people rated each other by how light their skin was. I had no idea they had a rule that you weren't really black unless you had slave ancestry. Guess I can't claim to be poor white trash unless one of my grand daddy's lived in a trailer with no indoor plumbing. Strange...

I was ROTFL when I read about you getting kicked out of the bedroom closet. (meme) Early uses the linen and guest closets. WOMEN!

Karlos said...

WebMiz: I’m not sure what Tagged is, but I stayed the hell away from it, like you.

Margie: Glad you like the new look. The new blogger is so much easier to work. I did the picture myself…nothing fancy; just found a panoramic photograph and did a little level-adjusting in Photoshop to get the right look. Jon is a wise man. I once didn’t get The Warden a gift for some holiday or another because she said not to…then a few months later she told me she couldn’t believe I didn’t get her a gift for….whatever holiday it was!

Gator: I was really dumbfounded by that chick. I still don’t get it. I might seek out her web site and post some choice commentary.

Sudie: Glad you like the new look. Thanks for dropping by!

Jules: Loved the pole dance!

Arlene: Thanks for dropping by. I love getting new visitors!

Margie #2: Halfrican American? You’re shittin’ me? Rush is such a dumbass!!! I used to listen to his show every now and then while driving home from work, just to hear the other side….I listened to it pretty regularly, but I just got so very tired of his blathering. It’s the same old shit, over and over and over. It’s actually kind of scary to listen to him when you think of all the automatons and mindless dunces out there who believe everything he says without questioning him or doing their own research.

Bunny – Early: Amen! Doing nice things all year is so much better! I’m to see I’m not the only one who’s been evicted from his closet by a woman. I was beginning to worry.