Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I’m still here…just extremely busy with Fiesta Week and a logic class that’s tweaking my freaking brain.

If you Google Fiesta Week, you’ll see this. It’s not the “real” Fiesta, this is. Food, beer, and music for 10 days. It’s mucho fun-o.

Friday we did Taste of New Orleans. The jazz was Kenny-G-ish (barf), and sleepy. Definitely not New Orleans jazz. The food was very good, however.

Saturday we went to the Market Square with niece/nephew and kids. We usually go during the day. I was reminded why. We got there a little later than usual so the carnival was loaded with riff raff. Buncha little punks who obviously grew up without a strong father figure in their lives. It was all I could do to refrain from pulling up their pants, slapping their stupid fucking ball caps off their heads and tell them to grow the hell up. ;-) Not really, but they were good for a laugh.

Sunday we did nothing. We had a big breakfast, saw our niece, nephew and kids off, and then watched movies.

And my logic class? For some reason I thought it’d be somewhat of a breeze compared to calculus, which was my other choice. I was wrong. It has taxed my brain cell somewhat and it’s starting to hurt.

I’ll write more as I get time.


The_Gator said...

i really liked taking logic.....the only thing i didnt like was the homework.

Arlene said...

I think allllll college classes are hard silly! We get old and we forget ;-)
Ugh! I have a really sarcastic personality/sense of humor. I see those retards with their hats on sideways and look at them and say "Yeah, if I had a hat, that's how I'd wear it too." They never have any idea what to say to me, it's great :-) I mean really, pull up your pants, put your hat on straight, and get a freaking haircut!!
Glad you guys had fun with the kiddies :-)

movin'mom said...

OMG...I totally miss Fiesta! My favorite was Oyster BAke!

For some reason it never seems to work out on our kids school calendar.
Then again SA has some sort of a "fiesta" every weekend, so I don't know why that would stop us.

Webmiztris said...


omg, that's the WORST kind of 'ish'!!!

Carlos said...

Gator: I kinda like it too, but there are some part of it that really hurt my brain!

Arlene: Woo hoo! Me too!

Movin' Mom: Aw. Sorry to hear you're missing Fiesta. It's so much fun. The King William Festival is my favorite. Thanks for dropping by.

WebMiz: Yes!!!!

jules said...

The tequila SHOULD have numbed that hurting brain cell. You must not have had enough of it.