Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Three Word Wednesday

Get your words here.
The rules, if you wanna call ‘em that, are there too.

Key West
True Account

Her pitch was perfect. I’d never heard a female blues harmonica player before, and she was good – Very good. She also happened to be fabulously pretty. I was enamored and fascinated by her. She coaxed wonderful, bluesy sounds from her harp -- Soulful crying highs, and guttural low notes with a goose-bump eliciting tremolo I’d only recently mastered myself.

Sloppy Joe’s Bar was characteristically packed that Saturday night. I lurked near the exit (it was cooler there) all night, trying to pretend I was interested in what my friends were saying. She and her band finished their sets and I never saw nor heard of her again.

Bob is fine. Apparently the slow, meandering (no limping) was due to a painful bite on his lower right leg. He's got a mild infection and is probably a bit humble now knowing that there's something out there that can kick his ass. He's taking antibiotics and is enjoying all the TLC.


Arlene said...

I'm giggling at humble Bob :-)
Great 3WW. Not sure if I'll play this week...I'm still working on reading blogs :-)

Judy said...

I enjoyed your 3WW. Nice imagery.

kate said...

glad Bob is doing better! nice 3ww!

jules said...

A sick pussy is a sad pussy.
And you KNOW what I mean!

pia said...

Really enjoyed that
Never heard a female blues harmonica player come to think of it

Webmiztris said...

oh good, I'm glad he's OK. I wonder what took a bite of him? poor guy!

Carlos said...

Arlene: This new Humble Bob dude is really an interesting character. While I’m secretly hoping he’ll remain somewhat humble (he was a little too big for his britches), I kinda hope he regains his swagger.

Judy: Thank you. And thank you for dropping by!

Kate: Thank you very much. Bob’s glad too ;-)

Jules: I do know what you mean!

Pia: Glad you enjoyed it. I hadn’t heard of one either before that. That was a long time ago, and I still haven’t seen any that came close to her abilities.

WebMiz: I wonder too. Figure a raccoon, possum, or another cat judging from the size of the bite.

Bone said...

I love a singer who captures you and makes you feel like she's singing directly to you. Especially when she's cute.

Glad to hear Bob is doing better.

Ivy the Goober said...

Poor Bob, that very same thing happened to my Cowboy George one time! Thanks for coming to see me, Carlos - I can't believe you still even drop by ;)

Jackal said...

Glad Bob is doing okay !

Margaret said...

Poor Bob. Our Sass get's into stinks now and then himself - but comes through everytime. =O)

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

What a nice memory about the singer.
I'm glad your pussy was just a little infected and is on it's way back to being the bad ass pussy we all know and love lol.

Carlos said...

Bone: She sure did capture me. Not sure she did any singing though.

Ivy: You’re on my list of daily checks Ivy. I have high hopes you’ll get back to blogging some day soon :-)

Jackal: Thanks! Me too.

Margie: Bob used to rule his domain once upon a time. I think he’s getting soft in his old (5) age ;-)

Bunny~n~Early: That bar was awesome back then, and one of my regular haunts during the two years I was in Key West. And yes, I too am glad my infected pussy is doing well ;-)