Friday, May 25, 2007


It’s Friday and I’m off. It also happens to be 4:00am. What the hell? Actually I have to meet someone for coffee to go over some stuff I was working on last night. After that? My logic class. My brain hurts just thinking about it.

So I read this story in the news a few days ago about three cities vying for the right to claim they are the home of the hamburger. The cities: Seymour, Wisconsin; Athens, Texas; and New Haven, Connecticut.

Like, fer sure I can think of more important things in life than where the fucking hamburger was invented, but the Wisconsin State Assembly thought the issue important enough to warrant a resolution declaring Seymour the official home of the hamburger.

Disappointingly, Texas did the same thing. Here’s a link to HCR 15. If I think of it later, I’m going to write my rep and bitch a little. Hey…come to think of it, I never got a response to a letter I sent to a rep 2yrs ago…fucker.

While I realize there are more heinous instances of government waste and abuse than this, it still disturbs me that there are people, supposedly smarter than us, who are wasting untold man-hours and taxpayer dollars in an effort to get someone (who, exactly I don’t know) to believe that a city in their fair state is home of the hamburger.

I may re-write this rant over on my Dumbasses in Government blog if I get, you guessed it, a break from my damned logic class.

"There are some similarities, of course—death is terrible." —on comparisons between the wars in Vietnam and Iraq, Tipp City, Ohio, April 19, 2007


Arlene said...

I swear to Bob that people have way too much time on their hands, and way too little common sense!! Who the hell cares where the burger was made??????
Hope your logic stuff goes well :-)

jules said...

Logic class? You?

Sheila said...

Who cares what state claims to have invented the hamburger? As if that is one of the world's most pressing problems. Sigh.

Very much like wasting tax money to prove that children who are less active have a higher rate of obesity - (the Stank told me this was true and no money was spent for him to arrive at this conclusion).

Hang in there with your logic class. You will make it.

Barry Popik said...

The "home of the hamburger" legislation is entirely bogus. It's based on Frank X. Tolbert's research in the Dallas Morning News 30 years ago; Tolbert believed that the hamburger was invented by Fletcher Davis (of Athens) at his stand in the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. We now know that "hamburger" has been used since at least 1883 (NYC). I wrote to the Texas House & Senate committee chairmen to testify on the bill, but no one wrote back. The Texas Senate committee chairman even waived public notice requirements, ensuring that no one from the public could testify. The bill is so bad, it even states that "french fries" come from Paris, Texas! Political science scholars should look and laugh at this one for years.
(FYI, I'm a consultant to the OED and I wrote a "Home of the Hamburger" piece for the online American Thinker--Barry Popik)

Carlos said...

Arlene: I agree. There are bigger and better things for our gov’t to worry about.

Jules: Whaddayamean by that young lady? ;-)

Sheila: The Stank is wise beyond his years!

Barry: Thank you for visiting, and for your insightful comments. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that you received no response from the Texas Legislature. Where once I used to receive responses (real letters) back from my representatives (State, Federal and local), I now receive nothing in response to even the simplest of inquiries.

I read your American Thinker article and tend to agree with you, without having done any of the research myself. Texas’ resolution is definitely bogus.

Webmiztris said...

hmm, I thought ronald mcdonald invented the hamburger.

or maybe al gore. ;)

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

You're right I can think of much better things to do with tax dollars than fight over where the hamburger should call home. Write the DIG post!!!

Margaret said...

Hey, and I thought that cow from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe" invented the hamburger for our eating pleasure.

renee255 said...

slacker ;}

I hope all is well and your class becomes logical for you!!!

Carlos said...

WebMiz: Hell, he probably did. We’re all being bamboozled!

Bunny~n~Early: I’ll add it to my list of DIG possibles. Right now I’m way busier than I like to be :-(

Margie: I need to read that book…Seen it for years, but never cracked it.

Nay: Same to you but more of it! :-)