Saturday, May 19, 2007


The Boy’s high school graduation ceremony is tonight. He’ll be working over the summer, then starting college in the fall. Remember the warnings your parents gave you when you were younger about how fast time would fly as you got older? I do. And it is.

I got my annual bonus from work and actually bought myself something for a change. Meet my new guitar. Jealous Dawn baby? Wait until you see what the boy’s getting for his graduation gift.

Here are a few pics of my dee-fucking-licious, mesquite smoked brisket from Mothers Day. Got up at midnight to start it. Nine hours later I was slicing it up and, well…Mmmm fucking Mmm!

Sudie tagged me for a Meme. You’re my first Sudie. ;-)


The_Gator said...

let me be the first to say...i agree that brisket look mmmmm fucking mmmm delicious.

A new guitar.....very i wanna know what the boy got....

P.S. my sisters graduation ceremony isnt until the 14th of june....The day i was supposed to leave for Sacramento

Webmiztris said...

awesome! good for you, carlos! you need to post some videos of you playing it!

Arlene said...

I can't comment on the post about his graduation above this one :-(
So I'll say it all here!
Congrats to the boy for kicking MAJOR ass, and graduating with honors, and kudos to you guys for being such great parents!!