Friday, May 18, 2007

It's a Matter of Principal

Remember this post? It’s the one about the San Antonio principal who failed the test required for her to maintain her job. She failed it not once, but 36 times.

Well, she finally lost her job after failing the same test two more times.

What’s she doing now? She has been demoted to administrative assistant at the same school. The catch? She’s making just under the $78,000 or so she was making as principal. Are you kidding me? She’s got to be the highest paid administrative assistant in the country; the world maybe!

The school district, of course, declined comment. They should all be fired immediately.


sudiegirl said...

Now see? That's the kind of job I need.

Sign my ass up!

Webmiztris said...

oh, that is BULLSHIT!! I'm an admin assistant and let me tell you - I don't make a fraction of $78,000! they should demote her to janitor.

renee255 said...

Web, she would then be the highest paid janitor in the world ;)

I have been a secretary or the now pc term AA and I want that job too!!!! Hell it may only take me half the time attempts to pass that test, jese what a crock o' shit.

You think when I go out on interviews I'll be laughed at if I express my salary requirement of $78,000 and I want summers off? I will wear a really cute outfit to the interview and all. :)

Love you Carlos!!!

jules said...

I need to get a job in that district.

Carlos said...

Sudie: You ain’t kiddin’!

WebMiz: Pure fucking bullshit. The sad part is no taxpayers are having a bit ol’ cow about it.

Nay: I’m sorry to say that they might laugh a little. I wouldn’t though. I might hire you at that wage just because you’re a hot shit. :-)

Jules: Well move your ass on down!

Arlene said...

So apparently I'm doing it wrong, because I'm actually qualified for my job and I don't make shit!

Carlos said...

I think we're all doing it wrong. I'm gonna apply for the janitor job in that school district ;-)