Friday, August 31, 2007


Thursday last week, my poor sister left the state in which she’s lived for the past 35 years. She left her house, her husband, and her kids (one 18, one 8). She left them, fearing for her safety and sanity. She was, as you can imagine, very conflicted with leaving her youngest child.

Shortly after arriving in her new state, she learned that our aunt, with whom she was supposed to stay, is severely demented. The aunt is 84 years old and has a 45 year old, male housekeeper who she is convinced is her boyfriend. I’ll spare you the gory details, but will say that the experience was such that sis made a hasty departure.

Exhausted and now emotionally drained by the experience at our aunt’s house, she was taken in by our wonderful cousin and her husband. And just when she thought everything was back to normal, she found out that our cousin’s husband was in the initial stages of his transformation to a woman. Yeah…no shit.

The email I got from my sister after that was understandably a bit frantic. “Is this the way life is suppose to be? Did I make a mistake coming out here?” Were among the questions posed to me. Not easy questions to answer, but answer I did.

She’s doing fine now. She moved into an apartment yesterday. Cousin’s paying for it. Cousin’s also paying for her oldest son to go to a community college back in the old home state. Cousin is loaded if you didn’t already figure that out.

I wish Senator Larry Craig would just shut the fuck up and go away.


The_Gator said...

wow....yea if she wants custody of her 8 year old...she shouldnt have left without the 8 year old. In order to get custody now...its gonna be a long hard battle.

Woozie said...

Why didn't she take her kids, especially the youngest?

Sheila said...

Well, I can imagine why she had to leave and I tell you one thing - leaving the 8 year old had to be hell for your sister. I hope things continue to get better for her.

Demented Aunt and transitioning huband of cousin - yep can't make that shit up. That is crazy! I wonder how your cousin is feeling about her husband turning into her wife.

I'm glad he is helping your sister financially. That is a big bonus.

I just read that Senator Craig has announced his resignation - so maybe he will shut up then!

Early said...

My wife's mother HAD to do the same thing. She left my wife and brother around 12 AND 10. Their mother stayed as long as she could. She stayed until the children were able to take care of themselves......also, knowing what a fucking freak my Daddy-in-law is(my opinion); he would have definitely hunted her down if she took everything that he "pissed" on. Some people are extreme violent control freaks!

renee255 said...

Who knew you had such a colorful extended family. A family reunion would be fun to attend if the rest of them are as colorful. ;)

I'm glad Edith is now in a sane environment.

Have a great weekend babe!

I don't think I will ever get tired hearing the loop of Senator Craig protesting "I'm not gay and have never been gay". It cracks me up hearing it, each time I hear it I laugh harder, I'm almost to the point of rolling around on the floor. I'm not sure why it cracks me up more and more each time I hear it. What a fag. Woops, that probably isn't politically correct of me. ;)

Webmiztris said...

holy shit! you definitely CANNOT make that shit up!