Sunday, September 02, 2007

Good Morning

Have you ever tripped over a pile of cat vomit? This morning, at around 5:45am, I did just that. Fortunately I had socks on. Unfortunately, I kicked it across about five feet of floor.

So…that’s how my day began – On my hands and knees with a shitload of paper towel and a bottle of 409, cleaning up semi-digested cat food and bile. Hope that isn’t an indication of how the day’s gonna go!

Where you been?
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Here’s a graphical representation of the states I’ve visited.
Here’s one of the states in which I’ve lived.
Here’s one of the countries I’ve visited.

Make your own

I have a new friend. I don’t allow many people into my little “circle of trust,” but I’ve been working with a righteous chick for the last 20 months who’s found her way into mine. Her politics are liberal, and her work ethic, intelligence, and wit make her a pleasure to work with. Plus, she’s someone I would trust with my home and my children. More importantly, I’ve let her have the link to this blog ;-) Her nom de plume is Shelley. You may have seen her poking around.

My wiener dogs are lonely. The kids have pretty much given up playing with them or even acknowledging their existence, and they’re the ones who wanted them. They claim to love them, but the only time they visit them out in the back forty is when they feed them, and I have to prompt them to do that. The feeding visits are woefully short. I keep telling myself I need to start taking them out in the neighborhood for regular walks but, being the supreme procrastinator that I am, it hasn’t happened. Make me feel guilty.

Stormy Weather
Hurricane Felix is headed Bunny’s & Early’s way. It’s forecast to be in their neck of the woods on Thursday or so. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t give ‘em too much shit.


Sheila said...

Nasty, gross on the cat vomit. No, I haven't tripped over a pile of cat vomit, but I have woken up to doggie diarrhea in my hair. Thanks Bandit. Both scenarios are unpleasant lol.

Shame on you for neglecting your wiener dogs! Do you feel guilty now? I didn't think so.

Congrats to Shelley for being allowed into your "circle of trust". She is lucky, as the rest of us are. BTW, you should email RLB and/or Whistler and let them know they have given new meaning to the term "slacker".

I think Felix will be a walk in the park for Bunny and Early as opposed to their ordeal of driving a bright yellow Hummer through Mexico (sorry Bunny). LOL.

Hope your day goes great Carlos!

Early said...

Poor deep brown eyes lookin'up from 8" off the ground...Quietly conveying love...So, do you feel a need to put on your walkin' shoes? (music playing) these shoes were made for walkin, and that's just what theyll do.

Oh, as far as sweat..Yesterday while loading up ole' yeller One of the worst thunderstorms(like north Texas gets) I've experienced came up. I really really weren't sure if'n I'd make it back inside the apartment

Shelley said...

Maybe if those poor little dogs were let in the house more often. My big baby is in with me & she feels really loved (feel guilty?). Sit out in the back yard with to them while you do your BBQ...poor babies.

Now, as far as the cat vomit, I have never had a pile big enough to really trip over; however, I have stepped in more than one. The worst was at the top of the stairs in the morning when it was still dark (I hate turning on the lights unless I am totally awake). Anyway, that terrible experience had me jumping so high in the air I thought I was going to go down the stairs the fast way - head first.

BTW - thanks for letting me in your circle. You know I feel privileged.

Ivy the Goober said...

I just read your comment that you STILL come visit me, which I find amazing. (thanks!)I have stepped in the cat vom, yes. Yuck. And on the subject of weenie dogs, wouldn't a walk around the yard be enough for their teeny little legs? ;) But I do want to say there's hope, ok? Mal just HAD to have her dog which she then ignored for so long, but now the love is back. Of course the dog never stops loving, but for the kids it might just be temporary.

Webmiztris said...

damn, carlos, you've gotten around! impressive maps!

and get walking those poor dogs! damn kids!!!!

little sister said...

cat puke! ick! had that a couple times when I fed Czar Aleksander some different moist food...I hate how the cat looks so miserable while and after puking too.

Hey, Shelley, welcome to Alamo Land and the you have a blog of your own that I'll feel bad about not reading at least weekly? ;) I feel honored to be one of the peeps that Carlos visits, 'cuz he's a chill dude with the right 'tude. :)

And sorry, Carlos, I can't make you feel guilty about procrastinating with the doggies....I procrastinate with CATS! That's way bad...way way bad ;)

The_Gator said...

i hope you are watching tropical storm henriette for some of us california residents...its gonna be a nasty desert if that damn storm stays in the gulf of cortes and shoots up into california.

But right now its projected to go through the sonoran desert in mexico...and not even be into the US until friday...maybe.

Margaret said...

Cat vomit, hairballs - liquid and solids - they have no cooth. Ours always seem to fall upon where we walk, or the deck rail that we must touch and even on my car windshield wiper.

Sorry I haven't been by in a while, tied up here with this back to school stuff, work and hairballs myself. =O)

renee255 said...

Those poor wiener dogs need some love and a walk.

I know poor AnnE is feeling extremely neglected and confused.

Woozie said...

Hurricanes build character!

The_Gator said...

What's Character?

Margaret said...

You've been awarded the power of schmooze:

The ‘Power of Schmooze Award’ is The Award for bloggers who “effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship”.

Carlos said...

Sheila: Yes…purty gross, but that wasn’t the word of choice that morning, believe me ;-) And I do feel guilty about the Wiener dogs. :-)

Early: Okay…okay…enough! I’m gonna take ‘em out now…in the rain even ;-)

Shelley: I’d let the little fuckers in if they didn’t piss all over the place. One of them is okay, but the rest are awful. Glad you didn’t nosedive down the stairs.

Ivy: Holy shit! Just when I think you’re gone forever, you show up. Thanks for dropping by. Never mind the guilt trip; I just miss your sharp wit/posts. It’s purely selfish, I know.

WebMiz: Yeah….damned kids. We were never like that were we? ;-)

Little Sister: Cats really do look miserable while they’re puking their tiny kitty guts out. One of the few times in a cat’s life where it doesn’t look cool.

Gator: Henriette is an odd storm. I’ve been watching it on the news. Sure it’ll be good for some flash floods fer sher.

Margie Hey stranger! Windshield wiper? That’s crazy. No sweat about not visiting…I know you’ve got a busy life. I drop by your place purty frequently, even if I don’t comment all the time.

Nay: They really do. Now if I can just find the leashes The Girl loses so frequently.

Woozie: Dang…I must have a lot of character, having been through Gloria (1985), Charley (1986), Andrew (1992), Opal (1995), Bret (1999).

Margie: An award? Do I have to give a speech? I hate public speaking. :-) Thanks!

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed and keeping an eye on Felix for us. We have a whole new appreciation for Internet, cable and telephone since we've been on the road.
You are a good friend, but then I shouldn't expect anything less. Ney has great taste in friends, don't you think?

SHEILA I'm laughing my ass off "doggie diarrhea" not at you but with you. I can so relate.
I couldn't imagine a day without picking up some kind of animal hair or bodily fluid.
Carlos you should just be happy when you tripped you didn't stub your toe on that giant pile lol.

Get out and walk those poor hounds... that's so sad and cruel... for real. Spend a few minutes in the evening with them. You can sit on the patio and give them some words of encouragement while you have a drink and unwind. Feel guilty yet?
I checked out the places you've been, looks like you have a wee bit of a traveler spirit in you too. Where would you really like to see but haven't had a chance to get to yet?

Tell your sister to relax and take a deep breath, she did the right thing. I was glad when my Mom left. I missed her, but I didn't miss living with all the fighting. It's better this way for the kids.

"Everything will work out if you let it" Don't know who said that, but it's so true.