Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Today is spaghetti day. I’m going to make the sauce from scratch (One of mom's two recipes). I’ll also be making zucchini soup, steamed asparagus and garlic bread.

I was perusing some old blog links this morning and noticed that the vast majority of bloggers I was reading two years ago have hung it up. Some offered a “goodbye” of sorts. Some deleted their blogger account; and others simply abruptly stopped blogging.

Two Recent Tales from My Dumbasses in Government Blog


Woozie said...

Dago, you're terrible :)

renee255 said...

Hmm, "Lazy Sunday", and I didn't even get a reply to my long ass email during your lazy ass day!

See if I email you again. Heck I won't even bother to make an effort to see you passing through your neighborhood.

No reply email nor an apology to the dorks. All I have to say is fuck you buddy. ;) ;) ;)

Oh by the way, I remember your Mom made the best asparagus (sp?) I have ever had.

Not so much love from a former friend.

Carlos said...

Woozie: That reminds me of an old Italian joke. Did you hear about those new Italian snow tires? No? Dago through rain, Dago through snow, Dago through mud, but when Dago flat, Dago Wop, Wop, Wop.

Former Friend: What a dick! ;-) The day turned out to be not so lazy with all the cooking, chores, and other bullhshit. The spaghetti sauce turned out really good. Accept my apology for forgetting about the “dork” apology. I’ll soon post it. ;-) Regarding your trip through my big-ass-state: I do sincerely hope you forgive me, and that you, AnnE, and your new toy and traveling companion Tom find your way to my humble city for a visit.

Sudiegirl said...

Yeah I know...the bloggin' business is up and down, isn't it?

Shelley said...

Bad Dago joke, dude. The asparagus? Damn, I am jealous. Hope it tasted as good as I wished it would. Be good & keep on cookin'.

Boobless Brigade Master said...

Oh! Send me your email and I'll send you my Nana's recipe for meatballs! She made the BEST meatballs. Unless of course your Nana did in your world! Heh heh.