Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday Spew

I figured out why the war in Iraq is going so poorly. It wasn't because of faulty intelligence, but rather our fearless leader's war Plan. I'm already writing my Nobel acceptance speech. ;-)

I can’t say that I discovered Planet Unicorn. I can’t remember how the hell I found this, but it’s hilarious. The opening is funny enough for me, but the rest is pretty funny too.


Parts 1 - 5


Shelley said...

I'm glad it's better to be a good friend than a model. Ha ha! You dork!

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

That was great, and so true! Did you make that?
Did you know that last week He passed a new law that says your not aloud to protest or speak ill of his war anymore? You do, they take everything you have.
You trouble maker you.

Sheila said...

LOL on the war plan. It is sad and scary though because its not far off from being the truth.

Good luck with your speech and you had better start protecting your assets if what Bunny says is true lol.

The_Gator said...

I didnt find the Unicorns as funny. One can only take so much of the gay voices before it just drives you crazy.

There is a video floating around with bush and his war on zombies. Post that. I thought it was funny.

Arlene said...

Bush can't even talk, let alone plan!

Woozie said...


Margaret said...

No way, no wonder. I guess his Mama told him not to play with matches. I would have had those army men melted and transformed into Ultraman before the sun went down.

Carlos said...

Shelley: Dork…that’s me!

Bunny~n~Early: I wish I could say I did make it. It’s one of my favorite political pics now. I Didn’t hear about the law, but I’ll dig around for it. Insane if it’s true.

Sheila: Not far off at all!

Gator: War on Zombies….I need to find that.

Arlene: How true!

Woozie: Yo!

Margie: Wow…haven’t seen you around for a while! ;-)