Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Three Word Wednesday

The rules, if you wanna call 'em that, are here.
Grey, Fathom, Memphis

Continuation of "Magic"
Michelle’s sister (Janice) and her husband Thad had been padding quietly around the house for hours. It was a little before noon. Since Michelle had gone back to “bed,” Janice and Thad had eaten breakfast, gone for a walk on the beach, read the paper, made love, and borrowed some drain cleaner from a neighbor. A Girl Scout had even come to the door peddling those evil Girl Scout cookies. The sun, once a bright portend of a hot summer day to come, was obscured behind grey, winter-like clouds.

Michelle finally stirred, and moaned a little, just to let anyone within range know she was awake, but not quite ready to have any verbal interaction with fellow human beings. She was sorting through an odd dream. Twelve years ago, while accompanying her husband on a business trip to Memphis, she’d reconnected with an old friend. She and Jim had been great friends in high school, and when they met at a local barbecue joint one afternoon, it was like they’d never lost touch. The noontime tryst was something Michelle never forgot. And now Jim was in the forefront of her mind.

Janice, weary of sneaking around her house in the middle of the day, walked up to Michelle and slowly pulled the sheet down from over Michelle’s head. Thad watched from a safe distance. Janice erupted into laughter when the sheet finally exposed Michelle’s contorted face. It was the face she used to make to irritate Janice when they were young. Michelle joined in the laughter and the sisters spent the next few minutes giggling and squirming on the couch, just like they did when they were awkward little girls.

Michelle told Janice about the dream. Janice remembered Michelle’s preoccupation with Jim after she met him in Tennessee and simply couldn’t fathom how she could have such a soulful connection with someone she had only spent an hour with over the last twenty-plus years.

Michelle’s spontaneity worried Janice. She hoped Michelle didn’t have any trips in mind. It was too soon.


paisley said...

well first of all i have to say i love your avatar.. i have always liked dogs much better than people ... maybe the combination is just what i am looking for....

now.. this segment was excellent... but now i wanna know what the heck is going on,, so i am gonna have to come back when i have time and read them all....

loved it

Paul said...

Unlike Janice, I can understand what Michelle was going through. Very enjoyable story.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

There's nothing in the world like the comfort feeling you get around old friends. Hell, new friends too. I should say, there's nothing in the world like true friendship period.

Bone said...

made love, and borrowed some drain cleaner from a neighbor.


This was very enjoyable Carlos. I like that the mood of things lightened up a bit towards the end of this installment.

Gay said...

The mood lightened indeed, but I've forgotten. What happened to Michelle's hubby? And she TOLD her sister about a guy she's obsessing about that she met while she was on a trip with her husband? I'm guessing said hubby is not in the picture anymore.

Nice writing though, especially how, er, productive Janice was.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, Jim. I think we all have one of those in our past. Bobby was the best kisser in my Junior & Senior year of high school. I'm sure things would go past kissing if we ever met up again. But then, that was way over 20 years ago. Don't want to give up my age online. I'm excited to see more of your story. Beautiful!!!

TC said...

A Girl Scout had even come to the door peddling those evil Girl Scout cookies.

I laughed so hard at that... wonderful but evil, I'll agree.

renee255 said...

Thad, what kind of name is that?

Good installment though, I enjoyed the read. :)

Carlos said...

Paisely: Thanks! Wish I could say I did it myself. I’ve tried my hand at it in Photoshop, but I just haven’t mastered it. You’ll find out what’s going on in installments to come ;-)

Paul: Thank you!

Bunny~n~Early: You are so right.

Bone: Thank you! I appreciate your compliment.

Gay: Michelle’s hubby will surface. Fret not ;-)

Ano Nymous: I’m glad you like it!

tc: Thank you. I’m pleased that I made you laugh. They really are evil!

Nay:Always a critic in the house ;-) Just a name that came to mind. Actually an old friend’s name. He’s from way down deep in the swamps of Louisiana. I’m glad you liked the installment. Hope you’re well. Love ya dear!