Sunday, September 23, 2007


Knee Deep
I saw the coolest frog when I was shopping for AnnE’s hiking boots last week. It’s called a Pac Man frog. My cell phone picture doesn't do this li’l dude justice, nor do the ones I saw on the internet. Very handsome amphibian indeed.

Someone in Korea, searching an Asian (probably also Korean) blog search site, plugged in “bunny-bass” and hit the search button. I'm not sure what they were looking for, but one of results they got was the minimally famous Son of Bob post. Bob, incidentally, belongs to Y (did ya take him to Guatemala with you?). Son of Bob, well, you’ll see.

You can see the results for the search here. Scroll to the bottom after the page loads (slowly).

Is there anything more perfect than the ability of two teenage girls to make a grown man feel like totally like uncool? I think not.

I took The Girl and her nutty friend to Hollywood last night to pick up a couple o’ DVDs for a horror double feature. We had fun, but at some point during the 40 minutes we they looked for suitable horror flicks, a song started playing in my head: “One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn’t belong.” Yeah, that’s right…The old Sesame Street jingle. And I felt a little out of place. A little old. A little uncool.

They bopped up and down the aisles, looking supremely cool in gym shorts, old T-shirts, and flip flops with socks; Snipers of Cool - Shooting an occasional disapproving, teenybopper, side-eyed, eye-rolling sneer at anyone they thought uncool enough to warrant one. You know the look:

Target is identified with stealthy, complex eye motions or a carefully placed elbow.

Target is sighted-in.

Four deadly eyes shift quickly to target. (Heads never rotate with eyes.)

Brows furl. Mouths contort, as they might after taking in a gulp of sour milk.

Two pairs of eyes slowly close and roll simultaneously, as they shift away from the subject of their scorn. (Timing is perfect).

Snipers signal a headshot to one another.

Target down.

Mission accomplished.

Fortunately I wasn’t among their targets last night. Maybe I’m not as uncool as I think they think I am.

And the movies? Silent Hill sucked - Way stupid and way too long. I didn’t stay up for The Exorcist.


Shelley said...

Dude, you said you weren't one of the targets of those snipers? Of course not. You're a loving father & the guy paying for the movies!!! Get a grip on reality. Hope you had a fun night with them anyway.

Shelley said...

Sorry, one more thing...unfortunately, Nay's Quest For The Son of Bob (Rated R), has reverted to the next page (10) for those searching. I would also like to say the color is my favorite and it does look very enticing. What a celebration, eh?

renee255 said...

You are the epitome of cool!!! ;)

Arlene said...

Oh God, I'm so close to those teenage eyerolls, I can taste them! I'll be writing you for advice!

The_Gator said...

Hahahaha im sure they got some too MY LORD LOOK AT THOSE GOOFY SOCKS!!!

The_Gator said...

Oh and which one did ney decide to get?

renee255 said...

What was I deciding to get Gator? goofy socks? ;P

Webmiztris said...

if flip flops with socks is considered cool nowadays, I don't WANNA be cool. lol!

Carlos said...

Shelley: It was a fun night. I’m sorry to hear the Son of Bob post has been relegated to page 10!

Nay: I’m rubber, you’re glue.. ;-)

Arlene: It’s a laugh a minute! I’ll be here for a while, so write :-)

Gator: Yeah….those socks (and different color socks) are big in their fifteen-year-old worlds.

WebMiz: Tell me about it!