Thursday, October 25, 2007


America’s Finest
I know. “Innocent until proven guilty.” But doesn’t this miscreant just ooze "I just threw a kitten to its death off an overpass onto I-35 where it died instantly and was then run over numerous times”?

I thought so too.

And imagine this: He’s been on active duty in the military for seven years. He works in a field that could afford him access to the nation’s most sensitive, classified information.

Here’s the story. A cop said he saw the guy do it.

Personally, I think the fuck is guilty as hell. I hope the cop clubbed him a little for good measure.

The Red Sox spanked the Colorado Rockies last night: 13-1. One down, three to go. The next game is tonight.

Memory du Jour
1979, Arizona
I was a senior in high school. A few of us decided to ditch the first couple of periods to go over to Tom’s for morning screwdrivers. I told ‘em that I couldn’t drink because I had a conference with my mom and the principal.

Peer pressure sure sucks. I ended up having a few screwdrivers anyway after being assured by my ‘friends’ that “you can’t smell vodka on your breath.”

Then I went back to school.

I was standing at the counter in the office with my mom by my side and the principal on the other side of the counter. We were talking about one thing or another when the principal asked:
“Just between you and me and you mom, what did you have to drink this morning”
“Orange juice”

I got the rest of the day off, and the frowning of a lifetime from Mom.


Margaret said...

Orange Juice, Egg McMuffin and two Hash browns dude.

Never own up to the Vodka.

Oh yeah, that was when I graduated in '86. Already being passed the lesson of such after hearing about this guy who was a Senior in '79....

LOL. Just joking.

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

Sox be Kicking Kolorado Kan!!

Me likee, yup yup yup

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Most white men that torture animals have small penis syndrome, they can't compete with the "big boys" so to speak. Now the entire world knows the dumb ass has a little dick. How smart was that? Did anyone else notice Daniel Holey looks like a really ugly fat woman? Imagine going through life looking like an ugly woman AND having a tiny penis. That's why the freak kills kittens. What a loser!

Peer pressure does suck ass but at least you had friends "and a bigger dick than Daniel Holey" LMAO!

Truefaith1963 said...

Love the High School story - reminds me of... well, me!
Totally agree with you - the cop should have beaten the crap out of him - I'm a cat person.
Can't comment on the baseball, being foreign to the game, but from what I hear from friends in the US the Red Sox seem a bit unbeatable
Oh yes, pleased to "meet" you