Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Three Word Wednesday

The rules, if you wanna call 'em that, are
Today's Words: Compensate, Modern, Radio

Based on a true account, dedicated to two good friends
in Guatemala (Yvette & Matt), and one dear friend here
in the States (Renee)

Antigua City, Guatemala was a wonderful new experience for Renee. The Spanish colonial architecture, old churches, long cobblestone streets lined with vine-covered buildings, and brilliant flora of the region made her realize that this was someplace she could stay for a while. Young girls in bright dresses with tight braids peddled fruit and vegetables on the raised sidewalks. They brimmed with happiness and laughter. There was nothing modern about the city, but Renee didn’t need modern - She needed tranquility, and Antigua City was the epitome of tranquility to her.

One evening, a few days after her arrival, Renee had implored Yvette to take her shopping the next day. Never one to turn down a day of shopping, it pained Yvette greatly to have to decline. She and her husband Matt had business to tend to. And so Renee was to shop alone. And shop she would. Yvette would dispatch her driver and protector, Sid (short for Ysidro), to escort Renee around town.

Renee left on her excursion at around 10:00am. Sid was Johnny-on-the-spot (Juan-en-punto for you fureners). Renee hopped in and off they went, radio blaring wild
marimba music. Yvette laughed from the porch as Sid squealed the tires a little as they rounded the first corner.

Not one to worry about much, Renee gave little thought to the fact that she was a blonde
Yanqui cruising around a Latin American city in a big, bright yellow Hummvee. Sid didn’t care much about anything other than hoping one of his friends would see him driving around with this gorgeous g├╝era.

The Renee, Sid, and the big yeller hummer were stopped at a traffic light in town when Renee noticed a man jump out of the cab next to them. He had a handgun. She wasn’t sure what to think, having seen Sid pull his pistol a couple of times over the past few days to ward off young, wannabe crooks. Maybe it was just the culture – Like honking horns or flipping someone the bird.

Renee tapped Sid on the shoulder and pointed at the man, who was moving quickly toward a nearby pickup truck. At first, Sid thought Renee was pointing at the street jugglers. A split
second after he realized her eyes were trained somewhere else, the man with the handgun reached the pickup and was pulling off rounds into the cab.

The “pop, pop, pop” reminded Renee of M-80s at
Lake Pleasant or Rocky Point, Mexico in the seventies. The reminiscence didn’t last. She knew what was happening. It just took a second or two for the stark reality of the scene to sink in. Reflexively, she raised her digital camera and pulled off a few rounds of her own.

Sid pulled his pistol and floored the big truck as he cut the wheel to the left. The huge Hummer flew onto the median without hindrance. The large tires gave a throaty squeal as they jumped off
the grassy median and onto the cobblestone. In an instant they were sprinting back the way they’d come. After a couple of hundred yards, Sid slowed. Not sure they were completely safe, he kept up a moderate pace. A few minutes later, the Hummer was surrounded by cabs. The only thing that differentiated these cabs from the usual fray was the fact that each of these taxis were full of men pointing guns at them – Them being Sid, Renee, and the big yeller Hummer.

Sid’s reaction was lightning-fast. He hit the gas and took Renee for the ride of her life. Her heart raced as she clutched anything she could get fingers into. They ran red lights, jumped curbs, nearly mowed down pedestrians, and slipped into alleys to avoid the pursuers.

Fortunately for the myriad of pedestrians they’d whizzed by, Sid was a good driver. He was a superb driver. Later, Yvette, Renee and Matt would wonder where he learned to drive like that.

Unfortunately for the prey in this case, the pursuers had radios. Plus, city traffic was no cake walk to negotiate under normal circumstances, let alone a high speed pursuit. Sid, Renee and the big yeller Hummer eventually got boxed in by traffic. Taxicabs surrounded amber behemoth. Sid suddenly had two pistols in his hands and was pointing them both at the cab just outside his window.

Up close and personal is no way to look down the business end of a pair of .45 caliber pistols. The driver and passenger of the cab who were the focus of Sid’s attention very quickly realized that dying wasn’t something they cared to experience that day. The driver carefully raised his hands in acquiescence and slowly pulled away.

The other three cab drivers figured the first guy had sped off for a reason. They glared into the Hummer and drove of slowly, making threatening gestures, as if to compensate for their cowardice.

Renee was in a state of – well – she wasn’t sure. She was a good passenger all the way back to Yvette’s - A very good passenger.


The_Gator said...

damn now Y and Early arent anonymous friends...shit now its a first name basis.

TC said...

Wow... scary!!!

There was nothing modern about the city, but Renee didn’t need modern - She needed tranquility, and Antigua City was the epitome of tranquility to her.

I laughed at that... no, Antigua City wouldn't have anything modern in it, would it? :)

Elween said...

wow...that is so..."movie"-like! ehm...this is the second scary story i have read today. it's frightening.

pia said...

Wow. Renee thought she was going shopping and ended up on the wrong side of a 45!

Very scary--and I liked the pictures

gautami tripathy said...

It is a revealing post. One does not know what is going to happen next instant.

some years back, one of our close friends was going for work and got caught in a cross fire between gang wars. He died.

I know I digressing..

reneeg255 said...

Wow, you are one awesome writer.

You really captured that.

Thanks :)

I love you my friend!!!

tumblewords said...

Oh, for sure, it's a scary tale. And worse, that it's true. The best part is the characters' survival.

Bone said...

Wow! What a terrifying situation to get caught in. I'm glad it had a good ending for them.

By the way, I love the little cartoon typist on your sidebar there :)

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

That story was frigging awesome! It was like I was there lol.
But now I'm waiting for more...
Ney read up on what was up with the cabs BTW.

Michelle Johnson said...

All to scary situation. You never know what your reaction will be in a time of turmoil like this.

I can relate on a personal note. I was attacked at Santa Monica Beach during a visit to California meeting Cindy Crawford. But, not by gun.

I am glad to hear your friends survived the ordeal.

Have a nice day.

Woozie said...

....Awesome! The last scene sounds like it should be in an old Clint Eastwood movie.