Saturday, January 12, 2008



Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

Carlos, I see where blogging appears to eat up a significant portion of the week for you--is that true?

reneeg255 said...

I see work and school is far to time consuming. I didn't see any play time on your pie chart?


Shelley said...

I don't mind your whining, Sweetie. You are a good friend and I will let you whine all you want if you will let me drink my wine while you do it. The only thing I don't want to hear is whining about losing on Speed Connect Four. I'm here to help you with your accounting class, also.

Hope your days get better. :o)

Shelley said...

BTW - What ever happened to 3WW?

The_Gator said...

3ww isnt on the pie chart shelley..therefore it doesnt exist in carlos's world right now.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Holy Shit that was funny! I am still laughing. I want his performances on DVD!

By the way, that Pie chart was completely unacceptable. More time should be devoted to blogging. I am very dissappointed!


Woozie said...

How 'Bout Them Cowboys?

Y'all lost to a team you were supposed to stomp into the dust! Damn you suck, at least we went down to a team we were balanced against!

Fuck the NFC title, I want my chicken now! Go Giants!

Carlos said...

Nigel: lol. Yeah. More than I can afford right now. ;-)

Nay: That’s ‘cause there wasn’t much. Had a good weekend though.

Shelley: That’s because you’re a kind person, and way too good to me! What a wonderful friend! I was thinking about 3WW last week. I need to start doing it again. Maybe short ones while I’m doing this accounting class thing.

Gator: LOL! Very astute observation! Thank you!

FlyinFox: Yeah….that video is fucking hilarious. I’ll try to keep blogging, even if they’re short ones.

Woozie: Yeah…the Cowboys sucked ass. They were awful. The only Cowboy to have a good game was Marion Barber. He’s the only one who played hard. The rest of them were fucking horrible. Think I’ll be pulling for Green Bay in the NFC and San Diego in the AFC.