Saturday, February 16, 2008


The other day, my dear friend Shelley pointed out a little obsession of mine: planning and making lists. I never thought about it before, but I do plan and make lists – a lot. I never used to be like that, and I’m not sure why/when I started doing it, but the more I think about it, the more I realize how much I do plan and think ahead.

I told Shelley over coffee on Thursday that my mind is always going a 100mph – I’m thinking constantly about what’s next, what I’m going to do ten minutes from now - an hour from now, making a list of things I have to do after work, what time I’ll get off work, how long it’ll take me to get to my daughter’s school, what time I’ll get to Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions, what time I’ll get home, and what time I’ll start doing accounting homework, when I’ll start dinner.

My weekday mornings are flawlessly mapped out: I get up, fill my coffee press full of coffee, put water on the stove (always medium-high because it’s perfect by the time I’m done showering), take a shower, brush my teeth, fix my coffee, sit down in front of the computer, turn on the news, read blogs, emails and news until it’s precisely the right time; then I get dressed, and leave the house to get myself to wherever I happen to be going at precisely the right time. If I’m meeting Shelley for coffee, I have to leave at the right time go get to the destination within two or so minutes of when she gets there.

All that said - Shelley has taken up a new cause: breaking me of my planning and listing habits.

Tonight is Connect Four night. That’s all I’m gonna say, ‘cause I ain’t gonna plan or make lists! ;-)

I found this in a Word document somewhere on my computer today. I can’t remember why I wrote it…maybe something for The Girl and school

Ten timid, teenage, turnstile-ticket-takers tacitly took tickets Tuesday.

Quote of the Day
Why do bunches of people run from a shark when they see one? If there is a bunch of people, and just one of that shark, wouldn't it be easy to just attack him and kick his ass? – Jack Handy


Bunny ~N~ Early said...

I hate making plans, it fills me with dread. So much better to wing it, that way no one expects much.

The_Gator said...

i like to make lists too. Its just better that way.

Where are the nuns i was promised?

Woozie said...

Good luck getting raped at Connect Four, bitch.

You never gave me my Super Bowl chicken.

reneeg255 said...

Maybe he didn't put it on his list Woozie and therefore forgots your chicken.

I'm a list maker too. I lose them and have way to many notebooks and pads of paper going. Are list a bad thing?

Shelley said...

Woozie - I raped him - the luck did not help...
Bunny~n~Early - I'm with you...let's wing it. Lists suck.
Carlos - Get rid of the fucking lists. Be good to the people at work while I am away this week. I will miss you. We on for Connect Four next weekend?

Carlos said...

Bunny~n~Early: I’m all about low expectations! I’ll keep that in mind on my road to recovery!

Gator: It’s better in so many ways….I think I’ll always have lists…maybe just not so many.

Woozie: Dude. I ain’t got no mailing address. Raped I was.

Nay: Thanks. Yeah. I’m trying to wean myself off lists…yeah, that’s it Wooz. ;-)

Shelley: Yes, you raped me good. I’ll work on my lists and planning, as I will work on being nice at work. You bet we’re on for next weekend!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Once again, my money is on Shelley!

Yeah, I make lists too! I think it has to do with SA. Ever since I got here (transplanted from New England) I have been making lists, go figure...