Sunday, March 30, 2008


My weekend has been so-so. Busy, rainy, shoppy (Went shopping yesterday). Today is lazy. Actually, I'm trying to figure out how to iron a 100% cotton dress shirt so it doesn't wrinkle when the wind blows. I I'd made a mental note long ago never to buy 100% cotton dress shirts again for just that reason. But I really like these shirts, so I'm gonna give it a go. If anyone has any helpful hints on ironing so I can wear the damned things without them getting wrinkled if I fart, I'd be most appreciative.

Gonna make some stuffed jalapeƱos after I'm done with this blogging thing. No, they're not fried. They're cut in half and stripped of all their hot stuff, then stuffed with a cream cheese concoction that has bacon, shrimp, onions, and cilantro in it.

Miss Shell’s trip to Hawaii is going well. She calls me once, twice, or thrice daily with updates – or just to chat, which I don’t mind, even when it’s at 2:00am (in the morning, Nay!). There’s a five-hour difference you know. I’ve been helping her with her house while she’s been out of town – working with the contractor, making sure everything’s going the way it’s supposed to, giving her updates, sending pictures of the work in progress, etc. I’ll be picking up the young lass at the airport on Wednesday afternoon and then taking her to dinner just because I’m a nice guy like that.

Drive This
Two things I really dislike about San Antonio drivers:

1. They don’t know how to use turn signals. How many times have you:
- Been waiting to pull out of a drive and you see someone who is surely signaling to turn into the drive you’re fixin’ to exit, but the dumbass drives another 500 yards down the road and then turns.
- Been behind someone who flips on their blinker 1/4 mile before their turn.
- Been behind someone who inexplicably turns his blinker on after he’s half way into his turn.

Of course, those same blinkerly-challenged dumbasses use their blinkers religiously when they’re in a left-turn only lane. Pfft!

2. They haven’t the vaguest clue how to negotiate three- or four-way stops. It’s stunning to me how such a simple concept escapes so many people here.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a road rager, I just don’t get the idiocy perpetuated by our city’s drivers. The arrogance of some, who think the entire world revolves around them, astounds me. Just yesterday I witnessed two extra special dumbasses:

- A guy made a sort-of-U-turn around the perimeter of a four-way stop intersection. It was amazing! I wanted to pummel him!
- Another guy made a U-turn from the lane to the right of the left-hand-turn lane. I wanted to pummel him as well.

Wally World
Imagine you’re Wal Mart employee who gets hit by a truck and suffers brain damage. Go on and imagine you win $1M from the trucking company whose truck bashed your brain in. After taxes you get $417,000 that gets set aside to care for you because you’re so fucked up you can’t do it yourself. Not the best scenario a human being could hope to face during the course of his or her life. But wait kiddies, it gets better.

Imagine a company so evil – so very, very evil – that it sues you and your damaged brain to recoup the money the company health care plan had to pay out as a result of your accident. This is the same HMO YOU paid for.

Imagine that. Now go read all about it.

Quote of the Day
"Soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, and Coastmen—Coast Guardmen, thanks for coming, thanks for wearing the uniform." — George W. Bush, March 19, 2008


Margaret said...

Them drivers over there sound a LOT like they've come from here.

Cotton shirts? Splurge on the dry cleaning and press. They starch 'em up and they look great. Considering the time and frustration it takes messin' with them. It's worth the few bucks.

Maybe it's me, but post dry cleaned and starched shirts seem to hold up for a few home washes and hang to dry damp stints before the wrinkle monster comes and get's 'em.

That poor Walmart guy must have broken a mirror. But health plans do this shit all the time. My 2002 rammed up the ass by a bus accident was insane. Oddly, getting hit by the bus was the easy part.

Being pregnant on insurance through Gon's job and the addition of my own and the bus' auto insurance coverages was nuts. None of them wanted to cover my medical costs.

The auto insurances were trying to say being pregnant was a separate condition from the accident injuries. The HMO said the complications of my pregnancy were due to the accident. I had to have a judge step in to divvy up all of the costs. Else, it would have came out of my lousy settlement.

Sounds like this poor guy had to settle too soon. Like many, who can go on for years without income to live on waiting for a settlement?

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

Carlos--I just responded to your question ie..."where the fuck is everyone" and I'm thinking....they're masturbating.

I know I am.

Carlos said...

Margie: That makes me feel a little better :-) The driver thing that is!

Nigel: I think you're right!

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Another reason I don't shop at Walmart. Not that I'm a snob, but that they are the definition of corporate greed. They screw their employees out of health care by only working them part time. Now they sue the poor people for any insurance money they do get ( which is rare ) and this poor woman looked like she needed every dime of her insurance settlement. Didn't the woman pay for her health insurance?
It made me sick to have to listen to the media make excuses for walmart over this insanity - Yeah but... walmart gives to charity. WOO HOO so do I, does this mean I should get some of her money?

Carlos said...

Bunny: Yeah, I don't get it. Why not sue the trucking company for the money? Oh, wait. I'll tell you why: because the trucking company can afford more lawyers than the woman who got whacked.

Pand0ra Wilde said...

There's an update on the WalMart story about them taking that lawsuit money. Check my blogs for details, but they've told the family they will not collect the money and will assist them in making sure no one else makes a try at taking it either.

It took them awhile but they did finally do the right thing.