Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy Weekend

As my throngs of readers may have figured, I had quite a busy weekend helping my friend Shell.

I was off at noon on Thursday and made a beeline for her new house (under construction). The movers were there depositing the contents of her apartment into the garage. It’s a huge garage, by the way. The first time I was in it I said something intelligent like, “This garage is awesome. It gives me a fuckin’ boner.” Seriously though – It’s mantastic.

Where was I? Okay. After we finished at the house, we drove back to the apartment and packed a load of stuff into the SUV and drove it out to the house and deposited it. Then back to the apartment where we organized, packed, and made piles of garbage. We were eating dinner at around Midnight I think. I was home by 1:00am or so. Long, productive day.

Miss Shell came to our house Thursday night to stay for a spell – until her house is ready to move into. She kicked my ass in Connect four that night.

Friday we got up early and went out for breakfast, and then hit the apartment again. We cleaned upstairs, organized, packed some more stuff, and made more piles of garbage.

And Saturday? More of the same. We got up early, went out for breakfast, and hit the apartment, this time cleaning downstairs, disposing of piles of garbage, and carting stuff to my house. We were done by 4:00pm and she passed inspection with flying colors. Saturday night we drank wine and made Albondigas soup (meatball soup – Mexican). Oh, and I got my ass kicked in Cribbage. It was done by the time The Warden and The boy were done doing springtime stuff to the yard. SNL came on at 10:30pm. Shell didn’t last until 11:00pm and I was gone before 11:30pm – both of us snoring on the couch and chair. That's shell at left in a domestic action shot - notice the motion blur as she expertly scours the bathroom counter of her apartment. What a woman!

Today we made a run out to her place with another load of stuff. I’ve been lounging around the house, not doing much of anything, since around 1:00pm. Shelley’s been out with her mom. The familia’s been keeping busy with various projects around the house: The Warden working on her mom’s computer; The Boy prepping for a trip to Boston for a week; and the girl…well, she’s been doing what she does best – Sitting on her ass. ;-)

The coolest part about all the hard work is that it didn’t seem hard. Know why? Because when you’re helping a friend – you want to help; and when you want to help, it ain’t work.


The_Gator said...

What a good friend. Hey Carlos im moving in August wanna come help?

Anonymous said...

I would move just because I had help. Those kind of friends are tough to come by.


Flyinfox_SATX said...


Amen to that. I am in a similar situation now and I just want the work to be over with so I can enjoy life. But really, I don't mind it.


Miss Cellania said...

A garage boner? I will never understand men.

reneeg255 said...

You are a great pal!!!

Shelley said...

As previously expressed, I had a very helping hand in the whole moving process. Thanks, guy! What a friend! Luckily I have a "boner" of a garage, because that is where all of my belongings are until the house is finished. Mr. Carlos is in charge of the thing while I go to Hawaii on business. He shoulda come with me just for a reward, but they won't let him. :o( One of these days I'll finally have a house to move into and this man will get beat at Connect Four and Cribbage on different turf. ;o)

Carlos said...

Gator: You cover the air fare? ;-)

Bunny: Yes, they are hard to come from. After 45+ years of life, I have but a small handful.

FlyinFox: Hope it’s all going smoothly for you. Noticed you haven’t blogged lately. Actually, your blog was down the last couple of times I was there.

Miss Cellania: As it should be :-)

Nay: As are you!

Shelley: You’re very welcome. Hawaii would’ve been nice.