Saturday, March 22, 2008

Connect Four

So there I was Thursday night – Pouring a 55 gallon drum of industrial strength whoop ass all over Shelley. We played best of 7 three times. I won the first round 5 games to ZERO! I stared the second round by winning two games in a row. I was on a roll – Seven games in a row, spanning two best-of-seven rounds! Could it be? Had I figured out how to beat her finally?


I lost the remaining two best-of-seven rounds to the Connect Four Dominatrix, as The Warden cheered her on while ironing. The two broads chugged white Russians, and I drowned my sorrow in whisky.

Then cribbage! She was only up one game when we resumed play. We played two games. Now she’s up three. Fuck.

Our lovely houseguest is off today for Honolulu on business. She won’t be back until the 2nd of April. I shall take inventory of my gaming skills (or lack thereof) and hope to be ready for her return from the Aloha state by the time I pick her up at the airport!


The_Gator said...

now thats a great birthday preset. Carlos getting his ass kicked in connect four.

thanks shelly.

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Kick ass Carlos! You finally won! We'd been pulling for you. Shelly being the kind person we know her to be probably let you win at least one of those games, but I guess we'll never know for sure.
Congratulations anyway!

reneeg255 said...

How did you do on your Accounting final?

I'm betting that since you helped her move and giving her a place to stay and a ride to the airport.... she let you win those few ;)

But like Bunny~n~Early say "Congratulations anyway!" ;)

Carlos said...

Gator: Dude! I thought we were on the same team! ;-)

Bunny~n~Early: Amazing isn't it? Thanks for the vibes. I can't believe I won one fucking game, let alone by a landslide. I suspect she may have let me win because I'd been pouting the last few times we'd played!

Nay: The final left a good bit to be desired, but I didn't much care how I did in the final, as long as the grade for the quarter was good; and it was: An "A" I'm thinking you're right about Shelley letting me win those few. She really is a kind heart, and it wouldn't surprise me if she did let me win.