Sunday, March 23, 2008


Did ya hear the one about the cops chasing a Donut Delight delivery truck? No joke. It really happened. I bet the cops responded quicker than they would to an “officer down” call. Can you see it? I bet half the nation’s police force was on alert during the two-state, 100Mph chase.

I always wanted to buy a fake donut to keep in my car for special occasions when a cop pulls up next to me and looks in my window. I could hold it up with one hand, and give him a big, goofy thumbs-up with the other. God….wouldn’t that be fucking great?

This is one of the sweetest posts I’ve read on a blog in a long time. Go visit Margie and give it a read.

The Boy
Not sure if I mentioned it, but The Boy has been in Boston all week for spring break visiting a friend. He's on his way back as I type. It's different around here without him. I miss him and will be happy to have him back.

For those of you who didn’t know, Shell is in our nation’s fiftieth state for 12 days on business & vacation. She called me at around noon my time, which is about 7:00am Hawaii time. Said she was sipping coffee on the lanai (balcony), overlooking the beach. Fucker! We had a good long chat, after which I went back to chores. So I’ll have a week and a half of suffering without her company and witty repartee. How will I survive?!

Quote of the Day
"I'm oftentimes asked, What difference does it make to America if people are dying of malaria in a place like Ghana? It means a lot. It means a lot morally, it means a lot from a—it's in our national interest." — George W. Bush, Accra, Ghana, Feb. 20, 2008

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Bunny ~N~ Early said...

Welcome back Boy and we hope Shelly is having a great time on the beach. Thanks for the updates on your DIG blog. Damn good reading.