Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cool, Man

I finally broke down and got the attic re-insulated. For the last five years or so, the temp in the house wouldn’t get below 74 or 75 degrees, no matter how cold the A/C was set. The unit ran nearly constantly during the day, and didn't catch up until around 9:00pm or so.

Aside from the fact that a properly-insulated house with a functional A/C unit should cool down to whatever the thermostat’s set to – I simply can’t handle much above 73 degrees during the summer.

The insulators came and blew 11” of R30 in the attic and, when I got home, I couldn’t believe the difference. It was the most comfortable I’ve felt this fucking place in a long time!
Can't wait to see the bill :-)

The Rest of the Story

And me? I'm hangin' in there. Life still sucks, but I'm gettin' by. Nay and Bunny have been absolutely amazing in keeping my spirits up. They have been loving, caring friends who have offered objective, sound advice, support, and pep talks. Were it not for them, I’d likely be lost. Thank you, you two.

Something occurred to me as I was buying a liter of bourbon this afternoon: I’ve put away a full liter of Crown, and all but about a cup of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, in about 11 days. Holy shit. Time to take a break…as soon as I finish this drink ;-)


Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

Goddammit, you sound like ME! Drink away, my friend. Lately it's about all I've got...

The_Gator said...

One more week until i drive north and post about drving by the shit farm.

The_Gator said...

Seen as I will be consuming a lot of alcohol in Sacramento I will drink one for you mi amigo.

reneeg255 said...

"Thats What Friends Are For", can you hear Dionne Worwick (sp?)?

73 degrees, brrrrr!!!

Love to you my "cyber", butt munching, dear friend!!! ;)

Love from the carpet muncher!!! ;)

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Cooling down sounds good! Especially these days here in SA.

You should know my motto on drinking....Avoid Hangovers..Stay Drunk!


Anonymous said...

I'm with Ney, 73 brrrr. I'm sure it helped with the utility bill which is a good thing though.

Hang in there buddy, it'll get better, a little everyday.


I will need full details on how the shit farm really smells, maybe some pictures of the actual shit.

Sudiegirl said...

Dude - you need to write to me and let me know what's going on.

You're in my prayers.

Flyinfox_SATX said...


Only cause I love ya...and because you really have nothing else to do..I tagged your ass!


Carlos said...

Nigel: I was thinking you’d be proud ;-)

Gator: I’m looking forward to a full account of the shit farm adventure.

Nay: I can hear it clear as day. You are one ill chick :-)

FlyinFox: Used to live that motto once upon a time.

Bunny: I’m hangin. You guys make it easier for sure. Thank you.

Sudie: One day I’ll post a general revelation of it all. Just not comfortable with it right now. Thanks for dropping by and keeping me in your thoughts/prayers.

Anonymous said...

Look ya fuck, I was also forced to quit drinking,,,,well slow down by those two jerks!! Come and see me at the lake and we can slowly put down some rum!! Slowly!!
As for your attack; god dammit again. I know alot about things like that. Something else you'll want to research is a paint coating product. I knew a guy that showed me the product(if I knew the name I'd say, so don't ask) He had just finished framing his house. It was summer, and where he had the paint sprayed it was moderate to the touch, but where it wasn't sprayed it was hot as hell.

Long story short on bullshit hillbilly stuff like that at least ask me!! As far as the drinkin' don't fuck it up were your gonna be one of those people that say I can't drink; loooook I got my ten year token fuck them and their weak asses. Like I said come hang out on the lake with me, and my new bride. I think a plane ride will cost you and any friend very little, and I'll guarantee ya'll a fun time. Just say no to how much, and sure as hell don't end up showing me your god damn token!!!

John Fucking Dough!

Anonymous said...

Uh, Apparently I'm still sick,,,I didn't mean an attack, I meant that place between the trusses, rafters, or ridge line...Fuck I don't know, but I know the product that I mentioned does exist!!

John F. Dough

Carlos said...

Mr. Dough: Yeah....It's called Radiant Barrier paint. I actually got an estimate for that too. It added $1,200 to the bill. Figured I'd rather invest the money in a new roof, including a ridge vent. The roof needs to be replaced anyway. I'm gonna hit my lawyer up again today about the fucking passport paperwork, and look into travel to your location. The more I think about it, the more I want to do it.