Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Surf's Up

If you were an aspiring reporter sent into the teeth of a hurricane to report, would it be too much for me as your boss (or as a viewer) to expect you to know the fucking name of the storm that was threatening a slice of the state your news station covers? I didn’t think so.

WOAI “Storm Tracker 4” reporter Eric Runge seemed to think rhyming was good enough. Tonight he referred to hurricane Dolly as hurricane HOLLY twice during his sixty seconds of reporting live from South Padre Island.

Even funnier were his two references to the “big surf” at the beach. These towering waves that made up this “big surf” were all of about three feet tall – and that was as they passed over the bar.


Flyinfox_SATX said...

There is no surprise there. These weather forecasters are prime clown targets for my new blog...the Hurt Locker! I think these guys suck!

Woozie said...

This is what you get for voting Democrat!

Carlos said...

FlyinFox: There you are. Shit...I thought you vanished.

Woozie: Funny thing....that dork was just on the NBC nightly news...he got about 5 seconds.