Wednesday, July 16, 2008


San Antonio is hot. It’s hotter than hell. Well, perhaps not quite hotter than hell, but definitely hotter than shit – which exits the body at approximately 98.6 degrees. I’m definitely ready for winter. If nothing else, I need to have popsicles readily available all the time.

Media & Politics
Why does the media spend so much time analyzing voter demographics and the strategies of politicians and aspiring public servants? Wouldn’t it better serve the public and the nation if they spent more time talking about candidates’ beliefs, voting records, and how what they’re saying lines up with the truth? Really. I couldn’t care less about some talking head’s analysis of how McCain or Obama might score more votes of the Pacific Islanders.

Quote of the Day
Queue Georgia accent
“How ‘bout you and me go back to your place, get in a hot tub and shuck some corn?” –Tom C., a former co-worker, Sloppy Joe’s Bar Key West, Florida, 1983. Best pickup line I ever heard!


Anonymous said...


It's raining down here! The water is nice, and a lot of times clear. It's good your writing more! This I think means you are stronger!!!Yea!!!Raging Hulk!!!

Margaret said...

Savannah has been hot also. A bit of a break this week, for the week before we were dredging through 106 degree soup.

Thank heavens for Air Conditioning.