Sunday, November 02, 2008

C'mon Holmes!

Did anyone watch Real Time with Bill Maher Friday Night? Amy Holmes (CNN) is an idiot. Nice looking, but an idiot just the same. I'll post a clip of the video if I ever find it.


Woozie said...

she gotsa rull purdy mouf

Anonymous said...

That chick has always been an idiot!

Anonymous said...

K, I'm caught up on my comments for a long way down. Now I'm ready for another post, especially given the fact it's election day.
I hope McCain steals the election, that would be a blast. We'd get to watch a whole hour of Americans rioting before they went back to their couch to eat fast food and watch TV. Anyone tries to set my car on fire, I'm going to invite them in for some McDonalds. That ought to calm them down.
Woo hoo go McCain!


Anonymous said...

A post please!

Carlos said...

LOL Mello...I don't think McCain's gonna steal anything except maybe a can of creamed corn here and there before he gets to the old folks home.

And there would surely be riots. But, as you said the attention span of the average American citizen is about 5 seconds. We're a buncha dumbasses. That's how politicians have been fucking us so handily for so long.