Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Elect This!


CNN now projects that South Carolina and it’s eight electoral votes will go to Senator McCain even though he’s down with 1% of the precincts reporting. Based on the information that we have, the exit polls as well as other information coming into the CNN Election Center; John McCain, as expected, will carry south carilina and its eight electoral votes.”

And ABC is reporting 102 electoral votes for Obama, to 34 for McCain – at 7:13pm.

Jesus….how the fuck does that work?

Haven’t they learned?


Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on them. They probably don't even know the difference between a jalapeno pepper and a serrano pepper lol.

I just wanted this to go on the record because I love it so much : )

When i come to visit, i'll cook for you every fucking day, unless I get too drunk, in which case i will have something prepared for just such an emergency

Obama's up so far. . . Damn!


Woozie said...

This man's name is HUSSEIN. And he's going to be President! What the fuck is going on, eh?