Friday, November 07, 2008


Friday. Fucking finally. Aside from the muffled whimpering from the Republican side of the political fence (not all of you of course), I’m relieved the election is over and that we’re moving on. I do hope the Obama administration and Democratic Congress doesn’t fuck things up. I can’t imagine they can do worse than the Bush administration, but nothing politicians do surprises me much any more.

Tomorrow Shelley and I are going to help a coworker mend a fence. The coworker is going to have barbecue and beer. I’ll partake in the barbecue, but beer is for sissies. I might bring a flask of whisky over to sip on, but we don’t plan on staying long – just long enough to help, eat, do a little socializing, and run some errands.

On a depressing note, neither my daughter nor my wife, from whom I have been separated for over five months, is speaking to me; and I have no fucking idea why. They don’t answer the phone, return emails, or answer text messages. It’s unnerving. I’m mailing my daughter some pumpkin seeds tomorrow. She loves them. I was supposed to give them to her last week, but I’m persona non grata apparently. I sure wish I knew what I did.

The other week I bought 1,000 shares of Washington Mutual stock at around $.09 a share. It’s down around $.06 a share now, but I’m hoping it’ll take off after this bailout shit settles. Next week I think I’m going to buy a couple thousand more…Why not? What’s the worst that could happen? I’m out $250? Pfft. The chance that I could make tens of thousands of dollars is well worth the risk. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Oh believe me, the Dems can screw it up too. I used to be a Dem until I took a careful look at some Dems I know very well. It's true many of them have the philosophy that if you have something, they should be automatically entitled to get some of it just because you have it. Lying and back stabbing to get it is something they learn very young. Repubs on the other hand, they suck too, only they usually suck little boys. I think I hate just about everyone equally, with the exception of an elite few that cook for me ; )

There's no where like Texas and nothing like Texas BBQ's I always say.

Oh, and about girl... Never try to figure out a teenaged girl, it'll give you brain freeze. Your's is a winner, she'll come around.

- Mello

Anonymous said...

"beer is for sissies" WHATEVER, I'm a chick and don't mind being a sissy ;)

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...


Here's the deal, mate. You won't like hearing it, but the reality is that your wife is poisoning your daughter's reaction to you, right now.

This is normal, and will pass.

Just keep on being, you, and two things will happen:

1. daughter will come around over to the realization that mom was lying;
2. daughter will reject momma out of hand, and you will "win".

Whatever. It's a hard row to hoe right now....hang in there buddy!

Carlos said...

Ano Nymous #1 I have no doubt about that. A politician is a politician is a politician. They all suck, and they seldom suck something that makes us feel good! I’ll cook fer ya when next our paths do cross. :-)

Ano Nymous #2 Chicks are sissies, yes, so you get a pass ;-)

Nigel: You know something my friend, you always seem to come around and leave me with something just right. You sent me an email a while back that fit just right; and this time is no different. Thank you for your insight, consideration and kindness. One day you’ll get to San Antonio and I’ll take you out for a drink and some Mexican food at one of my favorite places. Cheers, friend.