Monday, January 05, 2009


Thanks to Big Pharmaceutical for perpetuating racial stereotypes (bad dancing). I hate this fucking commercial; so much I decided to tape my least favorite part with my camera to share with my loyal two readers.

If you’ve never had paella (pronounced pah-ay-yah), you haven’t lived. Seafood paella (the only kind I’ve had) is a delicious dish of rice, a variety of seafood, and other goodies as the chef dictates. I have an old family recipe from Mexico that varies slightly from many seafood paella recipes. It calls for chicken, clams, shrimp, sausage, and mussels. It is dee-licious.

The key (in my opinion) ingredients in paella is saffron, which goes for around $134 an ounce here in Alamoland. That’s $2,144.00 a pound. Fortunately, the recipe only calls for about $20 or so worth of the aromatic spice to make one serving of my family paella.

The best part about saffron is the fact that it comes from a portion of the female reproductive organs of the saffron crocus flower. Plant pussy! Yum-ee! No wonder that shit is so good!

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flyinfox-satx said...

OK, so I hate that fuckin commercial too! That's just as bad as Bob's Enzyte commercials. You think that with his natural male enhancement, he could get a better lookin Mrs. Bob.

ROTFLMAO on the Michael Jackson pic. Also Mike's pic was hysterical.

Woozie said...

Sky so blue-ah and-a tea for two-a
I love to, I love-a-ta-siiiiiiing

Carlos said...

FlyinFox: Good. It's not just me then. The other one I REALLY despise is that fucking commercial for acne they've been playing the fuck out of for the past week. Didn't mind the Enzyte commercial as much as the preceeding two, because they were kinda silly...

Woozie: Dance me a little jig, bitch.

Shelley said...

So, you're NOT with the CIA? Have you been lying to me? Damn!! Shoulda guessed!

Anonymous said...

That paella looks great! I hate it when you post food. It always makes me drool and then I have to clean the floors.
The last pic was too fucking funny.