Sunday, January 04, 2009


I took my lovely daughter out to a movie yesterday. We went to the Alamo Drafthouse. It’s a fun little place where you can eat, drink, and enjoy all the leg room they afford. The previews are fun and unconventional. We had pepperoni pizza, popcorn, and jalapeño poppers.

Eating pizza with my daughter is a special thing for me – and something I hope never ends. She likes only the crust of the pizza so before she eats her slice, she strips it of all the cheese and pepperoni. Perhaps needless to say, I eat the cheese and pepperoni. We’ve been doing that since she was very young.

I miss seeing her every day. I miss seeing my son every day too. Missing them makes me very sad, and I'm not ordinarily a sad-type person.


Anonymous said...

Very cool place.

Odd, the little things that mean so much. The things you share with spouse's or kids that never even need to be mentioned, You just know...Like the inside or an Oreo or the crust on the pizza.

Glad you had fun.


Anonymous said...

I should get out to the Drafthouse more often. That is a cool place.

Carlos, I can so relate to missing the kids. That is one of the things you and I have in common my friend.

Happy New Year to you!

Carlos said...

AnyNymous: It is a cool place, and it is odd the way shit like that works. I'm a sappy fuck much of the time, which I think is nice - because when I'm old and gray and senile, I'll have these little nice things to remember.

FlyinFox: You should. It's fun. We need to meet for drinks one day friend. You're a a fellow resident of Alamoland, and frequent visitor to my blog; I feel a bit remiss in not ever meeting you.

Carlos said...

Oh, and happy new year to you too, Fox.