Thursday, February 12, 2009



Woozie said...

The exact same can be said about mosquitoes (that's what I've been arguing all these years), fucking lol'd, and beautiful poster. I'll put it up right next to the Boss Nigger one I sadly don't have.

Anonymous said...

It seems that so much can be said with pictures, yet it loses its meaning somehow...or worse...gets Misinterpreted.

Good post today Carlos.

By any chance you don't happen to know where Hammer went off to do you?

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me...


Carlos said...

Woozie: True. Mosquitoes are dicks too. Never heard of the Boss Nigger poster before...just Googled it. Was that a real movie?

FlyinFox: No idea where Hammer went. I haven't seen him since he was helping you with one of your blogs.

Tripping: Jellyfish? Hating nighttime? Masturbating for peace? All of the above? ;)

unokhan said...

hendrix also noticed the jellyfish:

"It's so groovy to float around sometimes,
even a jellyfish will agree to that.
I said flotation is groovy and easy,
even a jellyfish will agree to that.
Yeah, but old jelly's been floatin' so long and so slack,
ain't no kinda bone in his jelly back."