Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wednesday Update

Dear Shelley is well, but Sunday night and Monday were a bit rough for the poor thing. And she was doing so well Sunday. So, I stayed the night with her Monday and spent all day Tuesday with her, leaving her in good spirits around 7:15pm. I wish I would’ve taken Monday off instead of Tuesday so I could’ve been with her when she wasn’t doing so well.

Shelley’s daughter, who I’m convinced doesn’t like me much, will be in town around noon today and will stay with her grandmother until Saturday morning.

The house seems so empty without Shelley. Kitty is here and a fine companion, but she’s not much for conversation. ;-)

Dear Shelley goes in for the second and final surgery tomorrow. She’ll be in the SICU for a day or two, then back to a private room for recovery. The doctors anticipate she could be home by Monday or Tuesday of next week if her recovery goes well.

Thanks to those of you who’ve posted/emailed your concern, kind words, and interest.

Until next time…


flyinfox-satx said...


To be honest, I feel like crap that I do not have the opportunity to go visit...I am right here in town too!

unokhan said...

keep it steady man, and do your best to get adequate rest