Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year

Yesterday was a quiet day. I cooked another rib roast (because they fucking rule), and lazed around for the most part.

While watching Ohio State pummel the poor Ducks, I noticed some things that bugged me (go figure).

I’d like to know who decided to start calling it the Rose Bowl Game instead of just the Rose Bowl. I understand the stadium is the actual Rose Bowl, but people have been calling the game itself the Rose Bowl forever; forever, that is, until some dimwit decided a change was in order because of this egregious technicality. To him I offer a hearty, “Fuck you!” It’s the Rose Bowl and always will be.

After Ohio State won the game, there was a static graphic at the bottom of the screen that read “Ohio State University – Rose Bowl Game (pres. by Citi) Champions.” To me, that was the

New Year
Two-thousand ten?

I prefer the latter. Shelley prefers the former. Apparently there’s a big discussion somewhere on the instanet about how to refer to 2010. Brian Williams even mentioned it on the NBC Evening News last night. Interesting. Personally I think we can refer to it however the hell we want. I can’t imagine there’s any practical reason (except for saving a syllable, a word, and a few letters.

This year is the first year I ever, ever forgot my mom’s birthday. I was reminded of the fact when I got an email from an old family friend yesterday.

Mom’s birthday was December 31st. Happy belated birthday, Mom! I miss you, as ever. Shelley suggested it might be that I’ve healed a little more after Mom’s passing in 2004. Regardless, it made my eyes well up and made me feel pretty crappy.


Joker_SATX said...


I can see the argument...I usually choose what sounds cooler to me...

Twenty-ten sounds cooler than Two Thousand-ten. Just a personal preference. However, in regards to the Rose was never the Rose Bowl has always been the Rose Bowl for me. So I am with you there.

Rimpy said...

Your regret about missing your mother's birthday touched my heart. Don't get down on yourself; I think Shelley's probably right.

TC said...

Wow. My Grandma's birthday is December 31st, too. She died two years after your Mom.

(I'm gonna hope not on the same day as that would be *really* weird.)

I think part of the issue with the Rose Bowl this year is because the National Championship game is also being played there, and they want to hype up that it's at the Rose Bowl, but then people are like, "HUH?!?!"