Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This week started off with one, big, giant, shitty Monday. The combination of workload, morons, and an oppressive headache made it a fuck of a day. Yesterday was much better. Today I hope will be better yet again.

Went to Austin over 4th of July weekend. Visited the LBJ Library & Museum, which was cool. They had an exhibit on Walter Cronkite, which was bitchin’ too. Ate at The Omelettry, CafĂ© Bleu (on Lake Travis), and another fantastic joint that will remain nameless ;-). Shelley did well, despite being in a cervical collar. She tired quickly, but didn’t over-do it.

Last weekend my daughter came over to stay the night Friday night. We watched movies, ate popcorn, and relaxed. Saturday I made her a delicious batch of fried green tomatoes & okra from my garden. It was a nice weekend.

Work sucks. I’m just plain tired of it. The pay is quite good, but the job is way un-challenging.

Cheers, my three loyal readers :-)


Joker_SATX said...


First off, I am thankful that you and Shelley are doing OK. It is seriously screwed up out there. Nothin is making sense.

You have a great quality of life. The only thing really missing is sharing a beer with me...:-))

Rimpy said...

Faithful reader 2 of 3 checking in. Sorry to hear work sucks. Wish I had a job to complain about ;)

Carlos said...

Joker: Thanks man. Yeah. We'll have to go out for a beer one day. I think we've talked abut that before!

Rimpster: Dude. That sucks. I owe you some stuff for your resume/cover letter, don't I? Man I suck! Hope you're well.

TC said...

Reader #3 here... Glad to hear Shelley made out ok. And the visit with your daughter sounds wonderful. I really wanna try fried tomatoes someday!

Rimpy said...

@Carlos: Oops, I wasn't trying to make you feel guilty about the resume. I was just trying to give you a gentle poke from the other side of the employment fence.