Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Just sitting here surfing the interwebs before work and realizing how much I miss my mom...and Shelley's Mom.  My mom died in 2004 and left a giant void in my heart and life.

I met Shelley's mom in 2007 and fell in love with her immediately.  When she left us in 2013 the void returned.  She's supposed to be here in Texas right now.  She was supposed to come in October and stay through the holidays and for the birth of her great granddaughter in February.

Okay, now there are tears rolling down my face.

Mamas' boy?  Prolly.  So what?


The_Gator said...

We are all secretly mamas boys.

Carlos said...

I suppose that's where the "good" in us comes.

Hope you're well...

Zach Kovan said...

I'm really sorry about your mom and I hope you have found things that help you appreciate the beauty of her life. Stay strong!

Zach Kovan

Carlos said...

Thank you for the nice comment Zach Kovan. Kind of makes me feel good about humanity when people I don't know say thoughtful things.

Really....Thank you.

good job said...
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