Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ya Know...

The older I get, the more shit I want to do.  Do you think it's because your body knows you're more than halfway through your expected lifetime and is subconsciously urging you to do (or re-do, or do more of) the shit you've always wanted to do, but never have?

Well, I finally got myself a smoker.  Not a fancy New Braunfels one.  I just don't cook for that many people, so I don't need one that big.  I got myself a small electric one that gets rave reviews on a number of sites.  Right now I have a 9lb brisket smoking in it.  It went on at 722am, and will be on for 9 hours or more.

Other shit I want to do or do more of...
Sex (Ya think?!)  LOL
Visiting friends and family out of state
Go back to New England for more genealogy research
Finish my family cookbook
Finish my short stories
Finish my autobiography (and I don't mean by dying!)
Sex (What? Again?)
Finish my genealogy research and provide something to family members
Have an attorney do a trust, living will, medical power of attorney, etc.
Finish organizing and scanning family photographs
Go to the coast more and fish!

And the list goes on...

Cheers, bitches...and I mean that affectionately to my old blogger friends.  As for people who simply happen by here - I don't know you, so don't be offended that I'm calling you all bitches.  I mean, you probably aren't bitches...but then maybe you are.  Anyway, I mean "good" bitches, so...whatever.



Anonymous said...

I have lived in Texas now for oaver 10 years and I still don't have a smoker. Good goals here.

Carlos said...

:-) Here's to goals!