Sunday, July 13, 2014


I have a cousin who posts religious stuff on Facebook fairly regularly. It doesn't bother me in general, and I ignore those posts for the most part.

There is; however, one thing he posts that really gets under my skin:

God...The Greatest Physician

I have nothing against him or his religion, but I just can't help but wonder, where in the fuck was this "Greatest Physician" when my mom had cancer and died?  When my best friend died from cancer?  When my grandfather died from cancer?

Anyway - I'm not nearly as angry as I might come across, but one day I might post something in reply like, "He must've been on vacation when my best friend, my grandfather, and my mother died of cancer."

Nay - You fucker.  Where are you?  You're not answering emails or anything.  Y?  You too.  Fucker.  :-)


Denis Verdecia said...

Reason #5246 as to why I am not a religious person.

Susanna Carter Cline said...

Yes, if I were a physician I would find it offensive that people thought that I didn't have any skills as a doctor; that to cure my patients I only needed to be in his good graces.

Carlos said...

I never thought about it like that Susanna. Nice perspective :-)