Monday, August 28, 2006

Steve Miller and a Big Fat Loser

I got my $300 worth of Steve Miller tickets in the mail today. The Warden, the Kids and I are going to see him (with Norton Buffalo) and Johnny Lang. It’s on a Friday which is very cool.

I'll be bringing my binoculars flask 'cause beer sucks and besides, it's for sissies! ;-)


One of our nephews, a lad suffering from an acute case of loseritis, fucked up this past weekend.

He’s been a loser for a while, but this weekend took the cake. Here’s a brief summary of his accomplishments:

- He’s 32 years old. He’s never held a job for more than a year.
- He’s been fired from every job he’s ever held.
- He has a wife and three kids (1, 7, 14)
- He has two other kids he fathered with two women while he was married.
- He was supposed to pay child support to both of them.
- He’s been dodging them for years.
- He borrows money and doesn’t pay it back.
- He’s pawned his kids’ Playstation and toys, including stuff relatives have bought them.
- He takes advantage of everyone who’s tried to help him; now, with all his bridges burned, he’s moved on to fuck over a new group of friends.
- His wife just tossed his ass out of the house. She was at the coast with a friend this weekend when her fourteen-year-old son called and said he woke up and his dad was gone. He was out carrying on (coke, booze, etc.) with some of his dealer friends.
- When she got back to town and told her to haul ass, he cried and told her he loved her when he was leaving, acknowledging that he had a problem (ya think?).

Today a girl dropped by to pick up some of his stuff at the apartment. The girl who was doing the picking up told his wife, “I owe you this…” and told her that her husband had been having a fling with a friend of hers. That’s when she told him that the “get the fuck out” had escalated to a “get the fuck out; I’m divorcing your sorry ass.”

So here’s this poor girl, who’s been trying so hard to make this work for years…and she’s suddenly on her own with three kids. And the father who has deserted them is probably going to try to duck the responsibility of supporting the kids. My sister in law (his mom) is going to call the Attorney General to make sure he’s located by the state and held accountable.

This weekend we’ll be helping his wife move, helping with the kids while she works, and giving them enough $ to get utilities started, buy food, and get on their feet.

If I see him, I’m going to have a hard time not busting him in the jaw.


Memory du Jour:
Arizona, 1977, Susan’s back yard.
I was 15 and in the back yard with Susan, a friend’s sister. Ummm…I won’t go into the gory details, but let’s just say that her pants were somewhere around her ankles and I was somewhere above where her pants were bunched up.

Next thing you know I heard, “Susan! What the hell are you doing?!!” being screeched in our direction. (It was an awful screech)

I don’t remember much other than running away very hastily and quickly.


Quote of the Day:
I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry. --Rita Rudner

Link du Jour:
Awesome graphics for wallpaper or whatever.

Images du Jour:
Key West, Florida, 1983
Three friends and I are partying on a 21ft Mako with twin 150s.






Webmiztris said...

damn, you have lots of good memories... :D

that guy NEEDS a jaw bustin'....what an ass!

ps... you're allowed to bring binoculars? wow. you're lucky. I don't even bother with concerts anymore. at our arena, they don't let you bring blankets (you might start a fire, ya know?) or your camera, binoculars...nothing! they're fucking pricks about it too!

Miss Cellania said...

I hope you got a lot of tickets for $300.

R. said...

That sucks about the nephew being big fat loser but sounds as though she will be far better off without the stupid loser fuck.

Enjoy the concert!!! And I expect a to read a review of it on your blog. ;)

Margaret said...

Steve Miller! I would be sooo there!! I didn't even know he was still touring.

Ok, now I feel old.

As for your nephew, sounds like my ex husband was. Sometimes dude's gotta hit rock bottom to learn life lessons. It's possible, my Ex is 43 now and turned a new leaf at 40.

Granted, bridges are burned now but at least he's on the train track and not heading towards a wreck any longer. It can happen.

In the meantime, go ahead and plow him if you feel so compelled. =O)

Sheila said...

Sounds as if your nephew needs a good jaw busting. What a shame that his behaviour is causing so much havoc for his kids and wife. The wife will soon figure out that her and the kid's lives are so much better not having to deal with his crap on a daily basis. Very good of you and the Warden to help her get on her feet.

And yeah - beer sucks!

The_Gator said...

what you need, in order to bring this post back to land, is a landhoe. Right now its awesome...but with a landhoe it would be pretty fucking awesome.
That is, of course, just my opinion.

Karlos said...

WebMiz: Yeah, I’m full of them (or it)! I think we can bring binoculars. I’ll have to check on that. We can bring cameras if they’re not big ol’ honkin’ professional ones. Figure I’ll swipe my daughter’s slim one for the occasion.

MissCellania: I got four :¬(

Nay: Yes she will be better off without loser boy. I just hope she sticks by her guns. Hey, did you ever get my email? I sent one a week (or two, ahem) ago to confirm your mailing address for your b-day gift.

Margie: I didn’t know he was either. I watched a special on him on VH1 (I think) that was excellent. Somehow I don’t think this kid is going to turn around. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, but I just don’t see it happening. Way too bad for his kids.

Sheila: Woo hoo! Another beer hater. I knew I thought you were cool for a reason other than your bubbly personality :-)

Gator: Ummm…you lost me man. I mean really lost me. I hope you’re not toying with my brain cell.

R. said...

"landhoe" ;)

I love beer, Fat Tire, mmmmm, good.

I try to avoid hard liquor. If I don't I might steal someones wheel chair and make it go round in circles and run their battery down.

"landhoe" ;)

jules said...

Damn, looks like I'm not making it to SA this weekend. I was kinda looking forward to helping you do the heavy moving, and taking pictures of you knocking the shit out of the stupid kid. Blackmail...a way to fund the rest of my schooling. Dammit, another missed opportunity.

The_Gator said...

ney gets it....Land....Hoe.... you know pirates when they see land they say landho....nvm sheesh just post a half naked or fully naked girl standing on the beach!


Sudiegirl said...

You're a good uncle...I've had to help my sister out a lot when we still lived close to each other, plus I had to restrain myself from beating my (now ex) brother in law with a blunt instrument.

I don't care what you say - you're a nice guy.