Sunday, November 12, 2006


No time to blog really. Watching football and prepping some stuff for dinner. Making corn fucking salad, among other things such as tlapia, chipotle sauce for the fish, tuna pasta, and maybe something creative with potatoes.

That reminds me…did any of you Texas girls give me that pea fucking salad recipe? I can’t recall. If not, please cough it up. :-)


Got myself an MP3 player. It’s a Sansa e250 by Sandisk and I freakin’ love it. After seeing all the bullshit involved with my son’s Ipod, I opted for something different. So…I dragged The Warden out on Friday afternoon to get us a pair. The Rhapsody music store is nice too. Very easy interface.


Here’s a video that kills me. It’s an actual commercial for a fitness club in San Diego.


Found a file sharing web site too: File Den. So far I like it.


Stumbled on a flash music player too. Here’s a sample:


The_Gator said...

hahahaha nice commercial. i guess i live too far away from hermosa beach to get that commercial on tv.

rlb3773 said...

LMAO at that commercial...too funny!!

I sooooo did give you the pea fucking salad recipe, I would like your corn fucking salad recipe. I will give you the pea fucking salad recipe again for the corn fucking salad

Sorry I made you cry....(big sissy girl)...HA!

Whistler71 said...

i want some damn corn fucking salad.. I am also glad your enormous penis is good to go, lol!!

jules said...

I have the Sansa player and love it! The commercial made me laugh, are you sure that's not you? He looks about as hairy as I imagine you...

Margaret said...

I had to so listen to ELO just now. I have them in my MP3 collection but haven't heard them in awhile.

Rhapsody is the best, so I think. They also give you 10 free downloads per month. also sells MP3's at a reasonable cost.

Thankfully I so upped my collection during the old Napster days that I don't think I need any older tunes. Just some good country or rocks that come out currently.

That is.. until our daughter gets a bit older. Lord help us!!!

Karlos said...

Gator: I thought I’d piss myself the first time I saw that stupid commercial. I thought it was a gag commercial until I Googled it and found the company’s web site!

RLB: You certainly are a bloggin MoFo! I’ll have to look for the PFS recipe. The CFS recipe is easy: Fresh or frozen corn, mix in some mayo, salt to taste, a little pepper, some very finely diced red bell pepper to taste, and the green part (only) of a few green onions (aka scallions). Mix it all up and serve chilled. Yum-fucking-ee!

KimboLicious: See the above post for the CFS. And my EP thanks you sincerely for your concern ;-)

Jules: Very cool…so I made a good choice with the Sansa. Excellent. I like it very much so far! Oh….I appreciate that you were picturing me all naked, hairy, and playing B-Ball -- I really do, but I’m not nearly that hairy! :-)

Margie: I love ELO. It always brings back good memories. Now that I have an MP3 player I have my work cut out for me in organizing all my stuff!

Sudiegirl said...

I've used that in several it sweet or what?

congrats on your first mp3 player, which reminds me...I need to download "Groove is in the heart" my own bad self.

i have no pea fucking salad recipes, but i have a scalloped fucking corn casserole with fucking velveeta!


Anonymous said...

the Sansa is an excellent choice - my husband and dad both own one (I have a Creative MicroPhoto mp3 player, which is also awesome).

love that video!!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know how to work an MP3 player. I'm so technologically challenged : {