Monday, November 06, 2006

To Work or Not to Work

It’s Monday morning at about 4:00am and I’m debating whether to go to work. I like having that flexibility in my life! As much as I would love to take this rainy, stormy day off, I have some things to tend to at work that need to be handled today. Unfortunately I can’t to that tending at home or I’m positive I’d be staying.


Saturday we had some people (10 or so) over to the house for cocktails and to watch a little pay-per-view boxing. The main event was Floyd Mayweather vs. Carlos Baldomir. I might just as well have flushed the $49.95 down the toilet. The main event and the undercards were quite possibly the crappiest bouts of boxing I’ve seen in my life.


Sunday was lazy and slow. The Warden fetched a deelishus pile of barbacoa for breakfast, which we ate shortly after her return from the barbacoa joint. The kids and a nephew ate in shifts as they rose from their slumber.

After a little getting-ready-for-the-week crap, and football, The Warden and I went out to scope out some new furniture. She’s partial to leather. I’m not. She’ll probably get what she wants in the end though.


Speaking of the end...Friday morning I’m visiting a man who will violate me. I do it every three years now, whether I want to or not. It’s just something I need to do. Oh. Wait. I’m talking about my gastroenterologist you freaks!

Since my grandfather died of colon cancer in 1940, and my mother died of colon cancer in 2004, I’m on a schedule for triennial colonoscopies. My last one (July of 2003) yielded a benign polyp, so I’m convinced it’s a good thing to do.

This afternoon I go in for the prep. Friday morning at around 7:30am I’ll be doped and scoped. Hey...I wonder if that’s a term that they use in the inner circles of gastroenterology!

The best part about getting a colonoscopy, aside from learning that you don’t have cancer, is eating afterward. Those who’ve done this before know there’s a period of fasting a couple of days before the procedure. It’s almost inhumane, but the feasting you can do afterward is grand!


Margaret said...

Best of luck on Friday, I know they are no fun but it's worth it.

Nix the leather. Sure, I love it also for it doesn't collect smells, dog hair and lint balls like furniture made out of fabric. But it never lasts. It will tear, stain and fray and look 10 years old within 2. I finally gave up the leather look myself.

Now I want wooden solid, not fabric lined base and futon like cushions and millions of pillows. Each with removeable covers to wash, change color, etc. This way my furniture always looks new and will last.

Plus your thigh and ass cheeks don't stick and peel when you get up of the sofa for another beer. It is this exfoliation of sorts that scares the behoohas out of me.

Anonymous said...

"She’ll probably get what she wants in the end though."

we always do, sweetheart. :D

hope you're having a good time feasting. I didn't know you had to fast before a colonoscopy. as if the procedure isn't bad enough, you have to go starving too? that's awful!

No said...

My hubby (the jailer) is nuts about barbecoa..he is so made that they don't have it up here in the "north country." What's the name of the place the warden went to to fetch the barbecoa? Tom's was always good from what I can remember.

jules said...

.Friday morning I’m visiting a man who will violate me... I do it every three years now, whether I want to or not.
Damn, I thought you were getting kinky there for a minute. I was gonna ask to watch.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you had to be scoped, but doped, I don't feel sorry for you on that one lol.
Early & I are not into the fasting thing AT ALL. We don't eat that much, but what we do eat is the good stuff. Another words whatever sounds good at the time no matter how fattening, we just don't eat a lot of it. We've been having those stormy days for the last week now and lots of flooding, but I'm like you, it's wonderful to laze around in.

Karlos said...

Margie: Thanks for the well wishes! I still have some research to do on the leather stuff. I’m not too keen on it (do people still say that) right now. The Warden is convinced it’ll be marvelous. My major concern is the cats.

WebMiz: You’re probably right. Women!

No: Not sure where she went, but it was really good! Never heard of Tom’s.

Jules: You know I was thinking of you when I started that post! Bad girl!

Bunny-Early: Haven’t been scoped yet. That’s tomorrow! I don’t usually fast either; only for these damned colonoscopies…By the time I come around from the anesthesia, I’m ready to head for the buffet!

No said...

Tom's Barbecue..God, I'm probably thinking of someplace else..where the hell was it?

No said...

Tom's Ribs...does that ring a bell?