Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What a Sick Bastard

Remember my wish to take the day off on Monday? Well, it didn't come true exactly. I took off after half a day. I was supposed to go to the gastroenterologist for my pre admit visit. Turns out that the appointment was on Tuesday, not Monday. Just as well, my allergies were bugging me; or so I thought they were my allergies.
Monday night I felt like complete shit. Lots of sneezing, headache, congestion, general flu-like symptoms. I knew I wouldn't be going to work on Tuesday.
Tuesday morning I saw everyone off to work and school, then laid down on the futon in the front room to listen to some news. Then I realized that the city was going to be resurfacing the street and it would be closed from 7:00am to 5:00pm. Had I not had the gastroenterologist appointment, I would've left it. My appointment was at 3:00pm. I left at 2:15. I was in and out before 3:05. Pretty miserable day overall.
And today? I got up at 4:00am on the off chance I'd be up to going to work. I wasn't, and stayed in bed until around noon or so. I have a headache and I feel congested and foggy, but overall I'd say my condition has improved some since yesterday.
Anyway...It's time to go lie down again.
Here's part of a silly song I found using that "stumbleupon" thing in Firefox:


Anonymous said...

oh no! being sick is the absolute worst. hope you feel better soon, karlos! and if nothing else, there's your enormous penis to fall back on. :D

jules said...

Hope youget to feeling better. And don't listen to Dawn, don't fall on your enormous penis. That might hurt.

Margaret said...

I sure hope you start feeling a bit better Karlos. I'm going to play sick tomorrow to steal a 3 day weekend. Wanna call out for me?

Anonymous said...

Something up your ass and a cold at the same time. Not a party for sure. I hope you feel better so you can get that enormous penis some exorcise.

Karlos said...

Thanks for the well wishes. Sorry I didn’t post sooner. My enormous penis and I are doing well now; just a scratchy throat and a little congestion.