Friday, December 22, 2006

My Liver Already Hurts

We went over to our party buddy’s house last night to help prep. Left around midnight. Went over again this morning for breakfast and more work. I was chopping cucumbers and onions when Rachel scurried by with a mop and I laughed: “Just cleaning what can be seen,” to which I responded, “Oh, that’s man cleaning.” That got a good laugh out of Both the women.

We left around 1:00pm. I’ve been barbecuing chicken since we got back. I’m on my last 7lbs of 40lbs. The first 33lbs were marinated in my sesame marinade. The last 7lbs were seasoned with Jamaican Jerk seasoning.

The Warden is getting her nails done. The Boy is playing on his Nintendo Wii. The Girl is primping with her neighbor friend who’s going to the party with her mom.

My liver hurts already.

Well, back to the barbecue. The rest of the meat (100lbs) is being cooked at Rachel's.

Here’s a little something to entertain you until I get back.
Oh, and before you laugh too hard at me...
And an innocent bystander, just for the hell of it:
If you didn't make it on the list, it's only 'cause I couldn't find a picture of you!


Anonymous said...

You better watch your back Karlos. Early says to tell you that you gotta purdy mouth. Guys with purdy mouths and cooking skills could wake up naked some morning out in the sticks, where its snowing and smells of horse shit, with about six drooling, hungry hillbilly men holding them hostage forcing them to cook some of those mouth watering meals like you make ; }
You know that after you feed hillbillies they get horny...
Don't say I didn't warn you.

I can't get anything but a blue screen when I try elf yourself : {

Sheila said...

Oh that elf yourself - JUST wait until RLB sees that! Too fucking funny! Leave it to you Karlos - thanks for the laughs!

Anonymous said...

Thank God you couldn't find a picture of me! Merry Christmas sweetie.

rlb3773 said...

I have a few things to say about this.............

Could you not have found a better picture of me????

Why does Sheila make such a cute elf?????

Early makes a very evil looking elf??..........Kinda scared me!!

Kim would look extremely stupid without hair!

Stinky loved himself as an elf.......very cute!!!

Those were all very cute. I hope you have a great Christmas and your liver makes it through the holidays. I think I about did mine in last night.......Gawd we had a crazy out of hand party!

Margaret said...

My liver is just starting to ache. Does that count?

The_Gator said...

hahaha no pictures of me. Anyways more importantly i finally got my computer back! so i will update shortly.

madman said...

Merry Christmas Carlos

Karlos said...

Y: Purdy mouth….hillbillies…horse shit. If I was gonna take the brokeback plunge, that wouldn’t be the scene I’d be hoping for ;-) Sorry about the elf…If you’re still on dial-up, that might explain it….takes a few minutes to load.

Sheila: You’re welcome!

Jules: Oh, but I did. Click

RLB: Sorry about the choice of pics. I was in a pinch for time. ;-) Sheila does look cute doesn’t she? My liver made it just fine. Hope your Christmas is awesome!

Margie: It counts if you want it to count :-)

Gator: Only cuz I don’t have one of you. Lucky.

Madman Holy shit. He’s back. Hope you’re doing well. Merry Christmas to you too.

And for those of you who are thinking, doesn’t this bastard have anything better to do on Christmas day…The family sleeps late on Christmas day; even the kids, which baffles me to no end. Kids that sleep late on Christmas day just don’t strike me as the “normal” type ;-)