Saturday, April 07, 2007

Rabbits, Religion, Rivers, Retards, etc.

The big question on the news this morning (don't remember which chennel) is what the linkage is between the Easter Bunny and the resurrection of Christ. Apparently rabbit was a pagan symbol of fertility and such which Christians somehow adopted. I didn't listen to the intricate details, but thought you should know ;-) I wonder how long it's going to be before some on the far Christian right decide to protest the Easter Bunny because of his pagan origins.

It’s rainy and cold here this morning; forty three degrees as I type. It’s going to be like this all weekend. I don’t mind. After living in hot climates (3yrs in Florida, 1yr in Louisiana, 14yrs in Texas, and 10yrs in Arizona) for so long I have come to love cool weather.

We’ll be spending Sunday at a friend’s place doing BBQ and drinks. Hope my friends, even you slackers who don’t post or email any more, have a great weekend whatever you do!

For some Texans, this may be blasphemy, but the Colorado River isn’t in Texas. That’s right. It isn’t. The river so many Texans refer to as the Colorado River is nothing compared to the real Colorado River. Don’t get me wrong, the Texas Colorado River is beautiful; it just ain’t all that.

What sparked my interest was a news story being done by CNN this morning. They were doing a piece on a boatful of people who went over a dam on the Colorado River. They went on to say the people in the boat were rescued and flown to a hospital in Houston, which didn't compute!

The Colorado River? Hardly. Some supporting information:

Size Matters
Texas: 894 miles long, through one state.
Real: 1,450 miles long, through three states and two countries.

Notable “Achievements”
Texas: Hyped as The Colorado River by some.
Real: Carved the Grand Canyon

Arizona, 1977
I was riding my bicycle around the Southwest Indian School with a friend. We were racing down the asphalt street leading up to the main school building when our handlebars bumped. I crashed, landing on my face; more specifically, on my right-front-upper incisor, which broke in half at a 45 degree angle, exposing the nerve. I learned very quickly that cold air and exposed nerves don’t mix. I also learned quickly that breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth wasn’t nearly as painful as the inverse.

The strangest thing about that crash was that there wasn’t a scratch on my body. I had some asphalt gravel stuck to the palms of my hands, but other than that the only evidence that I’d been in a crash was the half-tooth.

I rode home and greeted Mom upon her arrival home from work a couple of hours later. I smiled as she walked in the door and “Oh my God, Carlos! What happened?” We went to the dentist for a patch on the nerve until my cap could be put on a couple of weeks later.

Road trip to Strawberry, AZ in 1981 with Mike and another dude. It was a beautiful day. We consumed mass quantities of JD and herb before attacking the slopes. Not sure if it was our impairment or the crazy slopes of the old quarry that caused so many gnarly wipeouts, but the result was a lot of pain!


Don Imus
Here are a couple of quotes form his radio show the other day. He was referring to a women’s college basketball game:
“That’s some nappy headed hos there.”
“The jigaboos vs. the wannabes”


Webmiztris said...

I heard that 'nappy headed' commentary on the news. what the FUCK was that guy thinking!? reminds of of when Kanye West said George Bush doesn't care about black it just leaves your jaw!

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

What is it with kids breaking falls with their faces? I broke two front teeth in half as a teen by aiming my face at a cement canal bank while riding a motorcycle near Cortez Park. You don't learn coordination until you hit 21 and it becomes imperative you land on your ass, if for no other reason than to save you from spilling your beer.

Sheila said...

I broke my front tooth in half too. I thought I had this ingenious idea. String the dog chain across the garage door - this way we can swing really really high. Well, much to my dismay, the idea worked better in theory than in actual application. So I sat in the middle of my "wonder swing" and launched. I landed face first on the concret garage floor. Right front tooth broke in half. The miserable tooth woe years that followed! If you could see the pictures lol............

Hope you are not including me in the "slacker" remark lol.

Boobless Brigade Master said... thinks the Christian's just deny it's Pagan origins and protest to have come up with all on their own.
At least that's my experience.

I'm the opposite...a wicked hot past down in Florida but I'm still not used to the cold up here even after ten years.

And the Imus thing...Wow is right. I rarely watch/listen to him...but I never pictured those words leaving his mouth.

The_Gator said...

The Easter Bunny was a symbol of fertility...and of course spring time is a time of re-birth. It was one of the many traditions adopted by the early Christian Church (i say christian church because there was only one brancy....or trunk..) The pagans were stubborn and did not like giving up traditions, so the Church decided to adopt the traditions, colored eggs, bunnies (even the playboy) in order to convert the pagans.

Wait George Bush does hate black people. I mean he sent that Hurricane for New Orleans to take out the black population.

P.s. I guess this year is gonna be a rough year for hurricanes....much like last year i presume.

Arlene said...

Holy crap, you cracked your tooth and exposed your nerve?? OWWWW!!!!! I can't even imagine!!
I hope you guys have a great Easter, with yummy food! BBQ sounds good...may have to do that too!

jules said...

Well you could have used the bottle of Jack (in the later picture) to numb that tooth nerve, if you'd have been a smarter youngster.

Carlos said...

WebMiz: The more I watch public figures, the lower my jaw hangs. I just don’t understand what some of these idiots think.

Bunny~n~Early: Holy shit. Both teeth!? Ouch! I’d completely forgotten about Cortez Park until you mentioned it!

Sheila: Half-tooths unite! ;-) That was pretty good, that garage swing thing! You gonna post pictures now? I know I have some of me…I’d have to dig deep though.

Peg: Crazy about the weather. I think my body is most in tune with Southern California weather. It’s glorious, and whenever I’m there I wish I lived there!

Gator: No, no, no. It was Pat Robertson who sent the hurricane. Dubya loves him some black folk. Even “Hispanos,” as he so eloquently referred to us beaners and half beaners, as the case may be for me.

Arlene: “OWWWW!!!!!” sums it up quite nicely! Hope the Easter Bunny brings you everything you want today!

Jules: I think I was still relatively innocent at that point in my life. The booze and the drugs came later ;-)

Sheila said...

Hell no I'm not posting pictures! lol

little sister said...

Sounds like a good Easter, and you're right - it may be only a matter of time before the right-wing fundies decide to outlaw the bunny/egg thing.

As for Imus, I'm not toally surprised. I do wonder, though, why idiots like Coulter, Limbaugh, Robertson, O'Reilly, etc. are allowed to continue to vomit their opinions. But then, nothing in main stream media makes sense any more.

btw, I also was in an accident in April of '77 and landed on the left side of my face! (riding a moped - how geeky is that.) Nothing broken (lucky me), but my face was so swollen and blue that my doc said I could be excused from school for a whole week and do my work at home.

Carlos said...

Sheila: Fraidy cat!

Little Sister: You’re right! Mainstream media is sucking bad these days. I saw Dan Rather on the Bill Maher show last night and he had some very enlightening things to say about today’s news media.